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History of Hotel de Londres in San Sebastián

The original building was erected in 1865. Before becoming a hotel, it accommodated Queen Isabella II who headed for exile from here in September 1868 when the Revolution led by Prim, Serrano and Topete triumphed and overthrew her. During his visit to the city in 1872, King Amadeus I of Savoy lodged in this building already transformed into a palace-hotel.

Used as the Casino Kursaal and occasionally as a hospital during the second Carlist War, the building then became a hotel taking the name of Hotel Inglés. Later, in 1902, it was sold to M. Eduardo Dupouy who transferred the establishment known as Hotel de Londres he owned on Avenida de la Libertad to this site.

Since that time, the careful service the Hotel has been offering combined with its exceptional location has contributed to it, that a great number of personalities attracted by the available sea swimming opportunities, the area's mild climate, the fame of the Casino, etc. have chosen to stay at our Hotel.

The following, among many others, have been our guests: Henri Marie de Toulouse-Lautrec, Archduchess Elizabeth of Austria, David Strauss, spy Mata Hari after whom we have named the Hotel's most important suite in recognition of her enigmatic beauty.

At present, the Hotel has 167 rooms including 11 suites, and 4 magnificent lounges: Bristol, Windsor, Victoria – that combine to form the Britannia Hall – and Wellington. Completing these facilities on the executive floor are the Swing Bar and the Mari Galant Brasserie/Restaurant. Refurbishment took place gradually. First, we created the Brasserie. Next, we renovated the rooms in 1997 and 1998, proceeding with the Lounges in 1999 and the Swing Bar in 2000. Hotel de Londres is thus a modern establishment with the charm of tradition...

Our Hotel built, in 2013, 12 new rooms on the roof of the building. All the rooms are double with private terrace. 11 of these rooms have view to La Concha bay and one, next to the dome, overlooks the city. The construction of the seventh floor is part of a project of reform where the hotel has invested about 10 million euros.

Today, it is up to us, the Management and Staff of the Hotel, to go on making history in the same line as our predecessors did. We must continue to give top quality service and ensure the Hotel will shine as it did in the past.

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