Things to do in San Sebastian

Your guide to discover Donostia. What to see in the city, where to eat, and much more...

Staff Hotel de Londres: Idoia Arrebola

Here a short interview with Arrebola Idoia, recently incorporated in the team of our hotel in San Sebastian as director assistant. "Since few weeks I joined the team of the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra. The first thing that impacted me was the warmth of my teammates and this incredibly charming place .... "

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Best restaurants in the Basque Country

The current cutting edge of gastronomy in the Basque Country is made up of leading chefs who have created the new Basque cuisine...Which is the secret of the Basque cuisine? The answer we mostly like lies in some words that Juan Mari Arzak pronounced two years ago during an event in San Sebastian: "In cuisine, as in life, you move with your eyes open and as curious as a child, always willing to learn. The day that you lose this attitude you should retire from cuisine and maybe even from life. “Are you curious about the topic? Read our article on all the details about the best Basque restaurants and their chefs...You’ll not be able to resist to try one of their amazing dishes during your stay at our hotel en San Sebastián.

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Active Tourism in San Sebastian

San Sebastian has a full range of options available for tourists who enjoy sports. . Among them we chose three activities with different gradient adventure: hiking, running and surfing. If you enjoy hiking, the route that brings to Orio from San Sebastian trough the mount Igeldo will guarantee you a wonderful day of sport. For running lovers our hotel in San Sebastian, located just in front of the Bay of La Concha, is the perfect starting point to enjoy this great outdoor sport. The year-round sea sports, especially surfing, are very popular. “Zurriola” is the best beach for surfing in San Sebastian. Read more in our article...

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San Sebastian Gastronomika 2012

From 7 to 10 of October San Sebastian will become, once more, the world capital of the cuisine, San Sebastian Gastronomika Saboralea is starting. France and its "Grande Cuisine" will be the guest on this edition 2012. Do not miss the products, wines, aromas of "La Grande France", in between of lecture or a competition of their legendary chefs, most creative head cooks, legends and youth. Obviously not only the "gaulois " will be here but also the best chefs of Spain, Europe and the world. Our hotel in San Sebastian is your perfect accommodation in order to greatly enjoy the event. Read in our article the program of the event...

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Rooms accessible to everyone in San Sebastian

"Hotel for all" is a project that has allowed us to move forward in the fight for affordable accommodation facilities and is of great importance to our hotel. Here the interview with Elena Estomba Garin, Assistant Director of the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastian, who has dealt with the implementation of the project. Read the article and watch the video for more information on our accessible hotel rooms.

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