Things to do in San Sebastian

Your guide to discover Donostia. What to see in the city, where to eat, and much more...

Pintxos Donostia Gros district

Today we want to offer you another mini guide to some of the best bars in San Sebastian. Are you staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during this Christmas holydays? Well, then you are probably are already having huge lunches and dinners. Although you don’t want to deprived yourself of some of the gorgeous pintxos that you can find in San Sebastian’s bars... After our guide to the top 10 Pintxos Bars in San Sebastian and our advices about the advices the most delicious pintxitos of old town, today we want to guide you the top bar in Gros neighborhood.

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Santo Tomas in Donostia San Sebastián

Santo Tomas day, December 21, is celebrated throughout the entire Basque Country although celebrating it in San Sebastian be very special. This wonderful celebration of rural origins of our culture dates back to the nineteenth century. The day originally coincided with the payment of land rents . On this day San Sebastián is turned into a rural market and the Constitution Square is filled with local products, our magnificent fruits and vegetables, fragrant and tasty cheeses from sheep and cow, various specialties for foodies made with duck , bread , bagels, etc ... One of the main “attractions” of the festival is the sandwich with Txistorra ( talo with Txistorra ) ... Enjoy this fantastic day during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián.

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A "friendly" glass of wine? Wineries of San Sebastián

From the centennial to the modern ones, the wineries of San Sebastian are the perfect place to meet up with friends between bottles and barrels. In the article you’ll find our top wineries in San Sebastian, with friendly ambience and delicious wines and plenty of stories and anecdotes. Many of them are close to our hotel in San Sebastian. For the real wine lovers we have listed some of the best wineries in Donostia.

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Best Pintxos bars - Old town San Sebastián

Want to go for tapas or pintxos in San Sebastian? Throughout the entire Old Quarter (Lo Viejo, Parte Vieja) of San Sebastian locals spread offering a wide variety of pintxos, on every corner and street of Old Part of Donostia can try a wonderful culinary masterpiece in miniature, getting it through a wooden stick. Mandatory, you cannot throw the stick, these will be counted for defining you bill. Beside this, we want to clarify one thing: the pintxos are a symbol of Donostia and you can find excellent pintxos throughout the entire city. We've talked about the best pintxos in San Sebastian in our previous blog. Many of them are located in the old part and like so many exquisite and we decided to exclude them from this list. Enjoy a walk through the old part of San Sebastian during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián and let a pintxito delight and a glass of wine.

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Metropolitan Kitchen: San Sebastian Gastronomika

In this fifteenth edition of San Sebastian Gastronomika, London and its guest chefs will show to public their cosmopolitan cuisine. Title? London metropolitan cuisine. The best restaurants of the “City” will jump on the stage of Kursaal auditorium to delight the audience with their culinary creations. As every year a unique event, definitely a must go. Enjoy the finest cuisine during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian.

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