Things to do in San Sebastian

Your guide to discover Donostia. What to see in the city, where to eat, and much more...

Traditional sports in San Sebastian

Euskadi’s Popular culture is very strong and deep roots. In all fields, and sport is no exception, Basques have developed unique and sometimes peculiar activities. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian you can enjoy, or even participate, some of the traditional sports in Donostia. Here our list with the most important along with and some events you can attend.

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Special route in San Sebastian

Coming to San Sebastian only a few days and want to see everything? A bus or train ride for the whole family can be great... Both the bus starting point and the train one are located next to the bridge of Maria Cristina, 5 minute walking from our hotel in San Sebastián.

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Traditional Recipes San Sebastain (Part 2)

Back to the kitchen with our blog. Today we complete a chapter about traditional Basque Recipes (if possible to do this in the case of Donostia) that we opened 2 months ago. In our article you’ll find more recipes and restaurants to enjoy during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian.

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