What do you know about the emblematic railing of La Concha? 6 things you did not know

The railing of La Concha is most likely the symbol of San Sebastian. There is no postcard of this beach in which it does not appear and, in fact, walking next to it with the splendid views over the bay is one of the greatest pleasures for the own donostiarras, as for the tourists. We have seen it in so many pictures, that we know very well what it looks like, even before we have the opportunity to admire it from up close. However, do you know the story of the iconic railing of La Concha? On this occasion, we want to dedicate a post to this century-old railing with some curiosities that, surely, you will like to discover. We propose an excellent plan: stay in our hotel in San Sebastian!



So, if you are thinking of staying at our hotel in the next few days or week, we assure you that, after discovering the history of the railing, you will enjoy the ride even more. Ready? Here are 6 facts you did not know about this architectural element that embellishes even more, if possible, the Paseo de La Concha.



Image source: www.wikipedia.org

1.- It is a centenarian railing. Not surprising, it was built in the year 1910 by the architect Juan Rafael Alday. However, it would not be until a few years later, specifically in 1916, when King Alfonso XII officially inaugurated it. Last year, 2016, it turned 100 years. 


2.- He is the protagonist of the popular saying. If you’ve ever been to our city, you may have heard of “You’re more Donostiarra than the railing of La Concha”. From now on, it’s hard enough to be so!


3.- The construction cost about 34 euros. Yes, yes, as you hear. The flagship cost 5,700 pesetas at the time, an amount that would be around 34 euros today. 


4.- It is possible to buy a replica. If the design of the railing that you like so much isn’t enough to acquire a keyring or a postcard, there is a company that sells real size replicas. In Mendia and Murua you have the possibility to make yourself a reproduction by order. You didn’t expect this, did you?



Image source: www.mendiaymurua.com


5.- There is a section that is different from the rest. The railing follows the same pattern throughout its hundreds of meters, but there is a totally different point. It is the section located where formerly the Royal House was. 


Image source: www.sansebastianturismo.com

6.- Each March it becomes a ballet bar. On the occasion of the ‘day of the dance’, each month of March more than a thousand students of classical dance realize an exhibition next to the railing. 


Image source: www.diariovasco.com

Our hotel is located just a few steps from the railing of La Concha. Now you know all the secrets! 

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.
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