V Edition of Sagardo Apurua, the cider festival

For the fifth consecutive year in Donostia, it will be held from the 6th until the 10th of December at the Boulevard de San Sebastián the Sagardo Apurua. It is about the recreation of an old cider house in the shape of a hamlet where different activities will take place. The culture of cider and the character of our land will be gathered in Donostia. Come, taste and enjoy the Donostia Cider!! Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy our oldest traditions and come to our hotel in the Concha Bay to let yourself go

Just 10 minutes’ walk from the Hotel de Londres located on the beach of La Concha, San Sebastian, you can find the celebration of Sagardo Apurua. In this celebration an old farmhouse is recreated where you could go to take cider, one of the most famous drinks in the area. The cider festival is one of the most important in Euskal Herria, so you cannot miss this great opportunity that will immerse you in the ancient traditions of the people of San Sebastian.


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In the Sagardo Apurua an old wine-producing hamlet is recreated in the heart of Donostia and life is given to its interior. The cider is transported through the Urumea river and then, with the help of a couple of oxen, the agricultural products of the time and the new cider are transferred to the Sidrería. Let's make the Sagardo Apurua, let's taste the cider! It is a day full of activities for children and adults, which is celebrated in Donostia, Capital de la Sidra, during the December holiday bridge.

The cider as we all know is a drink that is part of a ritual that is almost always collective, where several people come together for their consumption, friendship is shared, the camaraderie, the good atmosphere, and therefore, the same "vasu" for the whole group. Cider does not have gluten, so it is suitable for celiacs, is good to protect the vascular system, helps prevent heart attacks and prevents kidney stones. It also has antioxidant properties, elevates good cholesterol and aids digestion. Everything is good news!

This gastronomic fair leaves space for adults who can taste this old drink, but also for the youngest. One of the most striking moments of this celebration is the cider pouring contest where citizens along with all the braves who want can face to try to show their prowess by pouring the apple-based drink.

Do not miss the next holiday bridge in December and go to Donostia to enjoy this event that is expected year after year in our luxury Hotel in San Sebastian.



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