Underwater Cinema Series: immerse yourself in the depths in Donostia!

From November 15 to 17, a new edition of the International Submarine Film Series will take place in San Sebastián. If you are interested in learning more about the underwater world through a series of audio-visual activities, this event is for you. We encourage you to stay at our hotel with sea view in San Sebastian, since, in addition, it is located very close to the Teatro Principal, a space where this event will take place.

Underwater Cinema Series 2018 in San Sebastián: what is it?

The International Underwater Cinema Series will celebrate its 42nd edition in 2018. It is an event that aims to bring the depths of the sea to the audience through various audio-visual works, such as photography and documentaries.

The organization of this film series, as well, has called a contest and, on the dates of November mentioned, will be shown to the public. There will be three days of activities related to the underwater universe, days in which the projections and presentations will be responsible for showing a still unknown world.

For the present edition, works have come from different parts of the world, such as France, Germany, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina or Belgium, showing the marine biodiversity not only of the Spanish coasts, but of others, like the Philippines, Azores, Costa Rica, Maldives and a long etcetera. What is clear is that this 2018 edition will not disappoint anyone.

This year, there will again be a special category of work carried out in the Bay of Biscay, so that the spectators will have the opportunity to enter the depths of this sea without leaving their seats. In addition, as a novelty, there will be a section reserved for the ecological complaint.

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Free entrance

One of the main demands of this film series is that admission is free and open to all kinds of audiences. Regarding the location, the projections will be made in the Main Theatre of San Sebastian, located in the Old Part, specifically in the Calle Mayor.

Opened in the mid-nineteenth century, it is the oldest theatre in Donostia, a space of classicist inspiration that also serves as a stage for other San Sebastian events of interest, such as the Fantastic Film and Terror Week.

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Program of the Series

The organizers of this event are finalizing the definitive program, so if you want to be the first to know the exact calendar, the best thing you can do is to go through the website of the Underwater Cinema Cycle from time to time. Go booking the days 15, 16 and 17 of November because this edition is just around the corner.

If you were always curious to find out what is in the depths of the ocean and you are an enthusiast of the seventh art, three days of short, medium and long documentaries await you that will keep you close to the seat.

As you see, San Sebastian is a destination full of plans and activities. In our hotel we offer you the comfort you need so you can squeeze your days in the city to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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Elena Estomba Garín, General Manager of Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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