Txakoli, the young Basque wine

During your stay in San Sebastian you will notice it is the gastronomic city of Europe. When enjoying your delicious lunch or dinner you will have the choice between many different wines. One of the most beloved wines by the Basque people is Txakoli, a young white wine that combines great with all the Basque food.



Back to the beginning of the 19th century Txakoli was a homemade wine and mostly drunk by farmers. The Basque name ‘Txakoli’ also means ‘farmhouse wine’. Txakoli nowadays knows about 90 official producers that produce around the 2.2 million bottles per year.

The wine is linked to the Basque Country, because almost 80% of the grapes of the wine consist of Hondarribi Zuri grapes that grow in the Basque Country. There are three Txakoli areas that all produce a different Txakoli wine, the Txakoli Vizcaya, Txakoli Getaria and Txakoli of Alava.

It is a slightly sparkling and very young wine that makes the alcohol percentage lower than other wines, about 10 to 12%. The colour of the wine is pale yellow and it has the intensive taste of a bouquet of herbs and flowers.

The three Txakoli areas are easy to visit from Donostia - San Sebastian and ideal for a daytrip. One of the most visited daytrips is the ‘Txakoli Tour’. This route takes visitors around several vineyards, takes you into the wineries that produce Txakoli, and offers the chance to discover and purchase the wine. The tour starts at the office of Getariako Txakolina in the village Getaria what is only 25kms from San Sebastian.

After the visitation you might become hungry, well pintxos and any other snacks are ideal with the taste of Txakoli and they serve the wine in almost every pintxos bars in San Sebastian. Be sure you drink your Txakoli in the typical small vase it belongs to and fully enjoy it!

Can’t get enough of it?

Txakoli itself also has different dates on the calendar that you can’t miss. The Vendimia day (Zarautz) in September, Txakoli Eguna (Chacoli’s day) that is celebrated 17th of January in Getaria and finally the Txakoli’s day in Aia (April) are three wonderful events that tell you everything about this amazing wine.

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