Traditional sports in San Sebastian

Euskadi’s Popular culture is very strong and deep roots. In all fields, and sport is no exception, Basques have developed unique and sometimes peculiar activities. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian you can enjoy, or even participate, some of the traditional sports in Donostia. Here our list with the most important along with and some events you can attend.



Basque Ball

You are still in time to attend the San Sebastian city hand ball tournament. Municipal Fronton III Atano host a new edition of the tournament organized by the League of Professional Hand Ball Enterprises in collaboration with the San Sebastian City Council.


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This sport is the most traditional and one of the most practiced in the Basque Country. The first documents referring to the game date back to the XIII century. Its origin is apparently in France. Today there are different types of games: handball, shovel, hat, xare, although these details are more for experts. Definitely worth spending a couple of hours to watch a game.


Another typical sport is sailing. Could it be a different in seaport as Donostia is? In a few days you can enjoy one of the most traditional races, in this case a drifters competition: The Flag of the Concha; Sept. 7 (first day) and 14 September (second day)


It is enjoyable right from our hotel, the race which takes place in La Concha Bay. Amazing location for enjoying this great show. This is one of the most prestigious regattas of the Cantabrian andit is followed by thousands of fans. Both Sundays competiotion starts at noon (female racer at 11h) from the Porto Nuevo.

Here a video of Bandera de la Concha.


Basque Rural sports

The rural tradition walks into town. Rural sports can allow everyone a funny afternoon either playing or just watching. Most of these sports have their origins directly from jobs in the rural areas, which over the years have turned into competitions between neighbors or inhabitants of a town to find the most strong and skilled. The most typical are logs cutting, stone drag and sack races.


I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.

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