What to see in San Sebastian

Six plans to enjoy San Sebastián with children

ninos san sebastian 0Traveling with children does not mean that you can not have fun on vacation. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity to know a city from a different perspective. If you are planning to spend a few days at our hotel in San Sebastián we have created a list of things to do with the entire family.

Places to visit in the old part of San Sebastian

The Old Town is the most visited place of San Sebastián with no doubt. It is located at the foot of Mount Urgull and flanked by the Bahía de la Concha and Urumea River. Since it is the second oldest district of the city, which preserves the traditional and historical essence, it is advisory to wander through its streets and take note of its most emblematic points. Thus, during your stay in our hotel you will have the opportunity to get to know the most traditional San Sebastián.

Visit the Aquarium in San Sebastian

Discover with us the incredible Aquarium of Donostia. Ideal for a visit with the whole family and take advantage of an instructive morning during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián. Enjoy the most spectacular Atlantic fishes but be careful with the sharks...

Special route in San Sebastian

Coming to San Sebastian only a few days and want to see everything? A bus or train ride for the whole family can be great... Both the bus starting point and the train one are located next to the bridge of Maria Cristina, 5 minute walking from our hotel in San Sebastián.

Discover la Zurriola Beach

Zurriola Beach is one of the three beaches of San Sebastian. With a length of 800 meters, it is now a top spot for young people and surfers. The ideal alterego of the elegant calmer beaches of Ondarreta and La Concha. This incredible beach is the amazing setting of the Jazz Festival of San Sebastian but also of many surfing competitions, skateboarding or similar events. Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián.

Enjoy open air - Gardens and parks in San Sebastian

This week we will propose you a guide to the best gardens and parks in Donostia. Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian with partner, family, children, friends and take a walk in open air space. Most of these parks are few minute walking from our hotel in San Sebastián. Get started!

Feet in the sand and mouth opened: la Concha Beach

If you have been at our hotel in San Sebastian you have certainly enjoyed the wonderful views over the Bay of La Concha and its amazing golden sand beach... To celebrate its beauty, today we are going to talk about the Pearl of San Sebastian: Playa de la Concha. Its stroll, very well known in all Spain, its amazing sunsets, the golden sand, the railing, the lamps and lot more.

San Sebastian Churches - Cultural visit

San Sebastián offers travelers several options for both leisure and cultural entertainment. Its history and its architectonical beauties are as much important as its wonderful location and a wide and varied cultural heritage. Today we’d like accompany you in a walk through the old town and the Herdialdea part of the city to visit the most beautiful and representative churches of San Seabtian...I hope you’ll enjoy a wonderful stay at our hotel in San Sebastian... A five minute walk Cathedral of the Good Shepherd...

Walking through the Market Bretxa

San Sebastian is a great destination for all types of leisure but undoubtedly many come to our city thanks to the popularity of our exquisite gastronomy. The restaurants of San Sebastian are often mentioned on best journals, television programs and culinary events all over the world but not so often Donostia’s Marketplaces do so. The market, especially in the New Basque Cuisine, is ideal place to find fresh and always of high quality products. Today we will show the Bretxa market. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian you enjoy a great visit to this colourful market...

10 Things to see in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the perfect city to wander through the streets in the old town, taste the famous “pintxos” and stroll along La Concha bay. There are so many things to see in San Sebastian... These are the top 10 tourist attractions of the city. You have to visit them during your stay at the hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.

The 5 Museums of San Sebastián

San Sebastián has extensive range and variety of museums to satisfy the curiosity of its visitors. History, science, technology, oceanography, art and other interesting expositions are available among its thematic museums. Many of them are just five minute walk far from hotel in San Sebastián.

San Sebastian, surrounded by lovely villages

San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The principal reason for this is its amazing beaches, great city centre and the typically Basque and world famous gastronomy. But once you visited the city and have a little time left during your stay in our hotel, it is a great opportunity to visit the charming villages San Sebastian is surrounded with.

Beaches of Donostia - San Sebastián

You might have booked your weekend trip to San Sebastián because of the many famous restaurants in our city, or because you can't wait to explore the great shopping life. But next to all this we cannot imagine you have never heard about our beautiful beaches. To get you started read more here about the best beaches around Donostia in Basque Country.

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