The Naval Museum exposes the legacy of the IV centenary of the first round the world with Elcano as protagonist

Museum Naval BoatThe month of September of 1519 an expedition led by Fernando de Magallanes departed from the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda from Cadiz with the aim of reaching Asia through America. It would be the first trip around the world, a journey that has costed many lives, including the Portuguese captain. It would be Juan Sebastián Elcano, a native of Guipúzcoa, who would oversee the mission. To mark the fourth anniversary of this feat, it has held its first commemoration, whose pieces and iconography can be seen in the Naval Museum of Donostia since last December.

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1.       Who was Juan Sebastián Elcano?

Born in 1476 in Getaria (Guipúzcoa), Juan Sebastian Elcano has passed into history as the first Spanish man to go around the world. In 1518 he would meet the Portuguese navigator Fernando de Magallanes in Seville, who would inform him of his plans to reach the Indies by sailing west.

Elcano decided to join the expedition, starting only one year later. The trip, which started with 5 ships and more than 250 men, was full of disappointments. Several months after starting the expedition, they would find the long-awaited access to the Pacific Ocean in Patagonia, to be named the Strait of Magellan.

The Portuguese captain would lose his life during a fight with the Indians in the Philippines, which triggered Elcano to be in command of the expedition. The way back was also hard and dangerous. Finally, in the year 1522 the expedition would reach Sanlúcar de Barrameda with only 18 men of the more than 250 who left three years before.

After this journey, it was demonstrated that the Earth was round.

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2.       The exposition

'Elcano, the legacy of the IV Centenary', which is the name of the exhibition that can be visited at the Naval Museum until February 18, will reveal all those actions that took place during the commemoration. Thus, collect all those pictorial works, iconography and other representations of the landing in honour of the figure of Elcano.

This exhibition will complement the exhibition of 'Elcano, restoring its memory'. Those interested in learning more and deepening into the life of the Basque navigator, only have to pass by the Naval Museum (Kaiko pasealekua, 24), Tuesday through Sunday.

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