The best plan in San Sebastián for the 'runners'

15Maraton1November is coming and it begins the countdown of the San Sebastian Marathon, an event, as explained by the organizers, perfect for exploring this beautiful Basque city at jogging pace. Specifically, the marathon will be held on Sunday November 29 . If you are a runner and you're staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during the weekend, do not forget to pack sneakers in your luggage to attend this massive race. (Image courtesy maratondonostia)

Never have to worry that you're not in the best physical shape, because the San Sebastian Marathon has thought about all of your concerns, because the important thing is making sure that you are having a good time. Thus, the organizers propose three races. In the next few lines we will inform you the full details.


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The BMW Lurauto hosts the 38th San Sebastian Marathon EDP for more experienced athletes, a race of 42.195 kilometers. Definitely a tough challenge, it is especially designed for the most demanding riders. The second step comprises the Half Marathon, whose members will travel 21,097 kilometers, a negligible distance and not suitable for anyone. Meanwhile, the 10 Km race is intended for everyone, because the goal is not to leave anyone with the desire to participate out of the fun event. The latter route is completely flat and is performed by the most emblematic streets of the city, which is presented as a different and fun way to discover the most special places in Donosti.


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Note also the time of the event, for all races will start at 9.00 am from the same point (Avenida de Madrid) and end at the Anoeta Stadium.
So, will you join us? The first thing you have to do and we recommend from Hotel London is to register now! - Because there are few places in many different categories. If you already have decided and registered, all that remains is to follow some of our tips to prepare for this marathon that is expected to take place in a few days and with the participation of over 6,500 athletes.

1. It's time to dust off your sneakers (if you have not already don’t so) and go for a walk at least half an hour each day for prepare for this marathon. Try to intersperse walking with running, perhaps just a few minutes at first.

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2. The night before the competition, it’s ideal not to eat and try to rest well.

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3. On the day of the marathon, it is advisable not to take a very large breakfast and come home with time. It is not advisable to rush.

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4. Before kick-off, we recommend you to do some warm up exercises for at least 15 minutes. For example, don’t forget to prepare something as simple as checking that your shoe laces are securely tied.

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5. Now, good luck!


Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.

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