The best exhibitions in San Sebastian this summer

exposiciónSanSeb1smallThe nice weather is back, and days are getting a bit longer every day. San Sebastian changes colors this May, you will feel like walking around town a lot more than in winter and will be able to enjoy the wide range of cultural exhibitions hosted in town. If you are planning on staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during your vacations in San Sebastian, and are seeking for original plans, we recommend you to take note regarding the exhibitions we will explain in further details.



Art lovers, fan of History, and fond of photography ? If you are also interested in social topics, grab your agenda and mark down the best exhibitions to visit this summer. We recommend you six of them:

1.- Exhibition of the Art History collection. You will get the opportunity to immerge yourself in the Art History led by famous artists such as El Greco, Rubens,Miró, Tintoretto or Madrazo. Go back in time from the 15th to the 19th century to discover the evolution of the different artistic areas: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroc, New Classic and Romantic styles. Where? The museum San Telmo. When? All year round. How much? General entrance: 5€.

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2.- Exhibition “Aula de Consumo Responsable”. The objective of this exhibition is to defend the most eco-friendly habitations from three perspectives: in the house itself, in the purchase and in the sustainable mobility. Three halls are displayed to host these three themes including: models, panels and various interactive items to promote the best consumer behaviors. Where ? At the Centro de Recursos Medioambientales de Cristina Enea. When? Until June, 1st. How much? Free entrance.

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3.- Exhibition “José Manuel Ballester. Bosques de Luz”. Discover in 31 photographs the Art of this painter photographer from Madrid during his last eight years . In his works of art, the artist plays with time, light and space as well as with artificial and natural elements. Landscapes, industrial boats and futuristic spaces are some of the predominant themes in “Bosque de Luz”. A special attention has be given to “Última cena”, work of art with the same size as the original master piece from Leonardo da Vinci but that looks empty. You will get the chance to discover why in the section “Espacios Ocultos”. Where? Sala Kubo-Kutxa. When? Until May, 31st. How much? Free entrance.

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4.- Exhibition “La gran pesca del bacalao”. This exhibition showcases the development of cod-fishing by Basque fishermen from the 16th century until today. In the sample, you will, first, discover the risks implied by this activity for the fishermen going all the way to Newfounland and to the North of the Atlantic Ocean; following with all the essential steps to maintain the sustainability of this activity: from the loading and unloading process of the cod-fish, to its processing, commercialization etc. This exhibition includes manuscripts, paintings, photographs, fishing equipment as well as audio-visual equipment. Where? At the Museo Naval. When? Until November, 21st. How much? General entrance: 2€.


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5.- Exhibition “Nazis en el Bidasoa”. This exhibition of photographs gathers more than a century of images and is put in a frame for the 70th birthday of the end of WWII. It showcases the daily life of the nazis on both shores of the Bidasoa river, its alliance with Franco’s government as well as their missions to protect the coast from a possible disembarkation from the Allied side. When? At the Centro Cultural Aiete. When ? Until June, 6th. How much? Free entrance.

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6.- Exhibition “Mirando a San Sebastian”. In order to understand the History of the city, there’s nothing better than going through the evolution of San Sebastian, its economic, social and cultural development. Moreover, the exhibition showcases a special section to remember Donosti the way it was back in 1813, when the city burnt down in flames and, later, rebuilt. Where? At the Castillo de la Mota. When? Until December, 31st. How much? Free entrance.

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