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Spots Along the San Sebastián Sea Walk that are not to be Missed!

Paseo Maritimo in San SebastianThe Sea Walk is probably the most beautiful route in San Sebastián. It goes along idyllic La Concha bay, so the views could not be more perfect. With La Concha beach and Mt. Urgull and Mt. Igueldo as a backdrop, it is a walk that is not to be missed when you’re visiting San Sebastián. It’s very easy to access from our hotel on the Concha bay, as we are located right on the route. Here are the spots you shouldn’t miss on this beautiful walk!

La Concha beach is the best in Europe. We already knew this, but the well-known travel site TripAdvisor has just confirmed it. And a walk along the Sea Walk is the best way to view it in all its splendor. Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss any of the special nooks and crannies on this walk.

One of the identifying characteristics of the San Sebastián Sea Walk is, without a doubt, the famous railing. This ornamental white railing was installed in 1910. The lights along the Sea Walk are also iconic, accompanying you along your entire walk.

Along the walk, you will pass well-known locations like La Perla Thalassotherapy Center, with its unmistakable façade. It is definitely worth stopping at the Balcón del Bicentenario. Bring your camera, the views of La Concha Bay are stunning!

Paseo Maritimo in San Sebastian

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Once you’ve been left starry-eyed by all the beauty along the way, when you come to the end of the Sea Walk you only need to look up to see the famous Palacio de Miramar. The first thing you’ll notice is the English-style façade. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Donosta, a beautiful spot surrounded by gardens.

If you have tasted a little bit of the walk, you can always cross to Ondarreta Beach. At low tide, you can even do this right from La Concha beach by walking across the sand, which is quite an experience. Take a moment to pause on Loro Peak, from where you can get an excellent panoramic view of the Sea Walk. It may be hard to believe, but you just walked the whole way!

Welcome to San Sebastián ! We’re waiting for you at our boutique hotel by the Concha bay!

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