Six reasons not to miss the Great Week of Donosti

SemanaGrandeFrontWith the newly released August, the locals have already gearing up to celebrate one of the most anticipated events of the year: “Semana Grande” or the Great Week. If you have been lucky enough to make your visit to San Sebastián and take place in the coming days, you cannot miss this important holiday while staying at our hotel in San Sebastián in San Sebastián. (Image courtesy

Before knowing what awaits you in San Sebastian during the Great Week, you may like to get an idea of how this event comes about. This popular event started in the mid-nineteenth century to aim for elite tourism, which at that time, vacationing in the city was for entertainment. Note that there were remarkable shows such as the bullfights, which were complemented by music concerts and fireworks.
After a brief review, we gladly announce that the Great Week of this year is about to begin. If you're still wondering why it is worth your trip in 2015, we provide six reasons here to not miss it:


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1. One of the biggest attractions of the Week Great is the International Fireworks Competition which will be held every night at the Bahía de la Concha. Fireworks specialists from all over the world will strive to provide the finest firework show with full of lights and colours that our attendees will have ever seen.

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2. Concerts are another key elements of this summer event. This year will gather many Donosti artists such as Rosario Flores, Carlos Jean and Macaco, to name a few.

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3. Sport is a fundamental component during the Great Week, with activities for everyone. The highlights are beach rugby tournaments, canoeing, bike-runners up, horse racing and the introductory courses of pelota (the Spanish Basque ball sport).

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4. Are you traveling with children? The Great Week in San Sebastian this will not pose a problem, as it’s designed with a playground especially for the little ones to ensure that they will spend a brilliant time there. Many different parades of giants, children's workshop and the bouncy castles are just some of the activities to be prepared for them.

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5. The fire bulls (Toros de fuego) will be another crucial feature. It is planned to be taken place every day of the Great Week. The starting date is scheduled on the Saturday August 8th at the Hotel De Londres.

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6. “The Pirate Ships” (El Abordaje Pirata) is a recently recreated activity. It has slowly gained a niche trademark in the festival’s program located in the capital of Guipuzcoa. Each year, with the participation of thousands of people who strive to build boats and then put them to sea, there are several hints that San Sebastián for this summer will be a very exciting journey for you.


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Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian!

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