San Sebastian Gastronomika 2012

From 7 to 10 of October San Sebastian will become, once more, the world capital of the cuisine, San Sebastian Gastronomika Saboralea is starting. France and its "Grande Cuisine" will be the guest on this edition 2012. Do not miss the products, wines, aromas of "La Grande France", in between of lecture or a competition of their legendary chefs, most creative head cooks, legends and youth. Obviously not only the "gaulois " will be here but also the best chefs of Spain, Europe and the world. Our hotel in San Sebastian is your perfect accommodation in order to greatly enjoy the event. Read in our article the program of the event...


The program of San Sebastian Gastronomika is already public. The gastronomic congress of Sebastian will take place from 7 to 10 of October this year, with France as guest.

Why should you come to San Sebastian?

The names on the list of the technical committee are a guarantee. All of them are great worldwide known chefs and cooking experts. Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz, formidable source of new cuisine techniques and concepts, on his fourth year in the technical committee of San Sebastián Gastronomika, will be accompanied by stars such as Juan Mari Arzak, Martín Berasategui, Hilario Arbelaitz, and Pedro Subijana Karlos Arguiñano. The director of the congress, Roser Torras, completes the picture of "Alta Program". A team of stars to bring us to the galaxy of the haute cuisine.

Ferran Centelles, Josep Roca, Juli Soler, Carlos Tristancho under the supervision of the director Rosa Torras will allow us to enjoy an incredible "Off programming" of the event that will at the Kursaal Palace.

What to do in the three days? Here the highlights of the event program:

Monday, Oct. 8 / Alta Programme: Official Opening (11.30 h / 12.30 h)

A choral tribute to this unique cuisine, "La Grande Cuisine". From the head of the kitchen of the king to today’s chefs, the French cuisine and its history are a model of excellence unique in the world. San Sebastian Gastronomika proposes a tribute to the foundations of the modern cuisine, the revolution of the "NouvelleCuisine" and French products.

Its inescapable history will be celebrated through a narration made by mythical two French chefs Jacques Maximin and Alain Senderens together with two masters of the "New Basque Cuisine" Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana.

Monday, Oct. 8 / Off Programme: III National Grilling Contest

The format of the contest is a blind tasting, with a separate space in which the contestants will prepare their meat, cooking and cutting, that then will be served to jury.

The objective of the contest is to communicate and starring one of our most unique and exquisite way of cooking of all Spain, the best of the “grilled meat”.

Tuesday 9 October / Alta Programme: Creative Haute Cuisine (17.30 h / 18.30 h)

Are you looking for some local cuisine? Martin Berasategui with the original title " When the terrine becomes universal " and one of the “best of Bilbao”, Josean M. Alija, with his " Sensorial limits " propose two presentations that can’t be missed.

Tuesday 9 October / Off Programme: 2012 Official Best Spanish Sommelier Competition (15.15 h/19.30h)

It is a "must" for wine lovers... This prestigious and spectacular Official Contest will determine the best sommelier in Spain. It will develop in two phases. First, a written test then the big live show with the practical competition starting at 3,15 in the afternoon.

The winner of the contest will represent Spain in the championship for the Best Sommelier of Europe 2012 and the Contest for the Best Sommelier of the World 2013. The tests will be carried out live on stage. Contestants will measure on identification of the product and a commented tasting, erroneous wine list, food wine pairing list, serving and decanting, with guests sitting at a table on stage.

Wednesday 10 October / Alta Programme: Sweet World (16.15 h / 19h)

Wednesday afternoon will be dedicated, for the first time in San Sebastian Gastronomika, to the patisserie. There will be a wild range of talks and exhibitions on restaurant's patisserie. During the afternoon you’ll be able to follow, among others, Chistophe Michalack, chef of the Restaurant Plaza Athénée in Paris (his cake soaked with exotic fruit juice, topped with vanilla custard and frozen fruit is incredible), Christian Schmidt and Patricia Escribà from Pastisseries Escribà Barcelona.

Wednesday 10 October / Off Program: Foie Gras and White Wines? (11.00 h / 11.45 h)

What do you think? Is it the perfect pairing? If you participate you will be able to taste The wonderful Rougié foie gras matched up against the mythical Chivite Colección 125 and the Late Harvest wine.

A part of this selection of events one of key of the success of San Sebastian Gastronomika is the fact that the public can taste products and dishes directly from “their chair”, which distinguishes this congress from all others. San Sebastian Gastronomika is definitely an event not to miss!

I hope you have a great experience during your stay in Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra and enjoy your time in San Sebastian.
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Elena Estomba Garín
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