San Sebastian European Culture Capital – 5 activities to enjoy during January

donotia 2016 1Visiting San Sebastian is always interesting, but in 2016 it will be even more because this year the city will be the European Capital of Culture 2016. If you are staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during the month of January you should know that soon will officially inaugurate the Capital with activities for all ages.

San Sebastián opens its doors to culture and celebrated with a rich program that take place throughout the year. More than 70 activities will be available to locals and tourists to celebrate this event. Here the highlights some of the initiatives will take place in January :

1. San Sebastian’s Day. January 20 is a very special day for locals and it is marked in red on the calendar, as the San Sebastian Day is celebrated . Every year takes place the traditional drum parade , but in 2016 , will incorporate other activities. At 23.59 pm on 19 January, everything will be ready for the first beat of the drums , which will give rise to intense 24 hours celebrations. At the ceremony the flag of the city next to the European one will be raised and European Anthem will also be played . The popular children's drum parade will be accompanied noon , first , of other musicians. A company from Wroclaw (Poland ) , which is also European Capital of Culture in 2016, will join the parade. More than 4,000 children will present this tremendous show.

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2.- Inauguración 1966 | Gaur Konstelazioak | 2016. This is an exhibition that takes a look at the great artistic and cultural event created by the Gaur group in the 60s. It featured works by Oteiza , Chillida, Zumeta , Basterretxea , Friendly , Mendiburu , Sistiaga and Balerdi . This exposition will be opened in the San Telmo Museum starting on January 22.

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3.- Show at the Urumea River. On Saturday January 23 will start from 20.00 the show ' living bridge ' , on the Urumea River, which will host the main event of the inaugural conference. Powered by Hansel Cereza , this bridge will be built on the basis of values, good intentions and dreams for the year of those who come to the place. It will be a highly symbolic act.

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4.- Music Box Festibala . On January 23 also starts this unique festival in urban areas of San Sebastian , all transit points that are not normally intended for cultural activities , offering a new perspective of the city. A total of 12 concerts of independent bands will be played throughout 2016. The Bullet Proof Corizonas + Lovers group will kick off on January 23 in Bilbao square.

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5.- 2016 readings . The book lovers have a very curious gathered in San Sebastian during the year. It is an initiative based on the 366 recommendations of books by booksellers , librarians and publishers. These recommendations will materialize in a display of books that will be located in different libraries and bookstores in the city.

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Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian!

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