Sagardoetxea Museum: What better plan for Easter than to join cider culture of the Basque Country?

Barrel of SidraWe are slowly getting closer to Easter, so it's time to ask if you already have a plan. From our family hotel in San Sebastian, we encourage you to visit our beautiful city for this special time. With us you will find everything you need for this occasion: museums, gastronomy and culture. To be frank in San Sebastian we actually have a place which is able to combine these three elements in one space. It is the Basque Cider Museum (Sagardoetxea), here you find one of our lands best kept secrets. Well you are lucky, as we chose to share the secret of this place with you.

Sagardoetxea Museum: 3 spaces in 1

The best of the Sagardoetxea Museum is that it offers the visitor a rounded experience. Throughout the journey, all your senses will come into play. The museum consists of three main areas: The apple orchard, the interpretation center and the cider tasting. It thereby represents, not only a magnificent opportunity to learn about the process of cider making, but also a great place to get to taste a proper Basque cider.

Person picking an apple

Image courtesy of the Basque Cider Museum

The first stop is the apple orchard. Here you will allow be able learn about all the peculiarities that surround the cider's raw material: The apple. The orchard of Sagardoetxea allows a visit that goes beyond a mere walk, as it encourages you to attend various demonstrations, admire the different cultivation systems and approach the process of harvesting, crushing and pressing the apples.

Knowing the practical part, the journey continues in the interpretation center. This is located inside of the museum. Here you will find information panels, images and other elements, with which you can explore the past, present and future of this thousand-year-old, delicious drink.

Finally, the moment all visitors have been awaiting. The tasting. But first you will also become familiar with the rite of txotx. This is a term that refers to the moment when the kupela (barrel where the cider is lodged) is opened and prepared for serving. Since this is an act of tradition, there is no better time than now, Easter, to visit the Sagardoetxea Museum and learn all the secrets of this ritual: You will also learn how the professionals do their tastings, such as holding the glass correctly to distinguish the peculiarities of the different colors and aromas.

Sidra being served from barrel

Image courtesy of the Basque Cider Museum

Opening hours and location of the Sagardoetxea Museum

The Basque Cider Museum is located in Astigarraga, a small town considered the cradle of the cider production. It is located only a few kilometres from San Sebastián. Therefore, it is ideal occasion to stop by when you plan on discovering the beautiful surroundings of San Sebastian.

The museum opens from 11.00 to 13.30 and from 4.00 to 19.30 from Tuesday to Saturday. On Sundays and holidays, only in the morning.

We wish you a happy Easter holiday in San Sebastian!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at our hotel by Baya de la Concha in San Sebastián!

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