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"Hotel for all" is a project that has allowed us to move forward in the fight for affordable accommodation facilities and is of great importance to our hotel. Here the interview with Elena Estomba Garin, Assistant Director of the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastian, who has dealt with the implementation of the project. Read the article and watch the video for more information on our accessible hotel rooms.


Over the last years we have been adapting our model of accommodation to the needs of all customers by creating rooms easily accessible to all people regardless of their abilities. This year we took another step forward in this direction by creating a new room with advanced technologies.

Here the video created by "hotelsforall":

habitaciones-video 1

Interview with Elena Estomba Garin, Assistant General Manager of our Hotel:

How did you come up with this pilot project? Who is funding the initiative?

The project 'Hotelsforall' was developed to respond to current trends, which indicate that users increasingly demand more personalized products and services. People want our products to suit their needs, needs that are changing as fast as society changes, due to factors such as increased life expectancy and the aging population, among others.

We have joined experts in furniture design, at rest, universal design, new technologies in order to make this project possible...'Hotelsforall' was implemented by New Line, Akting, Andago, Didheya, Hotel London, Logure, Matia Innova and Tecnalia, and was supported by the program Gaitek the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government.

Why did you get interest to this project?

First, because we are very curious.. We thought it was an opportunity to create something different. Because we believe that our customers can really see the advantages that a room like this provides.

Which are the characteristics of these rooms?

The rooms are “a la carte” for both the hotel and the customer. The initiative allows to design an ad hoc model room to the needs and tastes of each hotel. The guest himself can also enjoy the amenities the room available and dispense with all those unwanted, without involving any physical or visual discomfort.

'Hotelsforall' room is provided with easily accessible furniture for anyone, like closet, bed, tables and desks; easy support solutions to use in the bathroom, signage elements including Braille explaining the functions of switches, a doorbell sound and light, and power operated doors, which open and close when you press a switch.
Apart of this a tablet device inside of the room enables control room facilities such as lighting, air conditioning, curtains, blinds and doors. This device can also use scenarios running various activities with a single button. For example, pressing "Night mode" turns off the light and closes the curtains, and pressing "wake mode" open the curtains and turn the main light. You can also access all these functions from personal mobile devices of customers.
Thanks to this Tablet, the customer can access from his room to a virtual tour of the city, consult tourist offices and see a map of the restaurants. It also shows other information of interest such as the location of pharmacies and medical centres, and provides access to digital services that allow tracking the health-state of the client. All this is complemented by information provided by the hotel, on menus, facilities, etc. All this efforts are done to facilitate the client's stay at the hotel.

What do customers think?

We are working to have a satisfaction survey specific to this room. Currently client’s opinion point out that the room are comfortable, fun, curious customers have used ... with and without disabilities. That is all kinds of people because that's where the name "Hotel for all."

Any further comment?

This is a pilot project that requires close monitoring of the added value perceived by customers during their stay. Once this is verified, we may decide, at the strategic level, to investment to have more rooms of this type. For now we hope that customers enjoy it.

Thank you Elena for the interview and for developing this project so interesting.

Thank you very much to you and greetings to all our customers.

I hope you have a great experience during your stay in Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra and enjoy your time in San Sebastian.
If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Best Regards,

Elena Estomba Garín
Assistant General Manager at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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