Places to visit in the old part of San Sebastian

The Old Town is the most visited place of San Sebastián with no doubt. It is located at the foot of Mount Urgull and flanked by the Bahía de la Concha and Urumea River. Since it is the second oldest district of the city, which preserves the traditional and historical essence, it is advisory to wander through its streets and take note of its most emblematic points. Thus, during your stay in our hotel you will have the opportunity to get to know the most traditional San Sebastián.

The Old Town doesn’t only have various monuments… In almost every corner along the way you’ll discover the typical pintxos bars.
The Constitution Square is located in the heart of the neighborhood. With its colorful facades and arcades, the Constitution Square was originally a bullring. To keep a part of its history, the numbers on each balcony were kept. Until the 40s, the neighborhoods’ main building was the town hall, which is currently located in the Old City Casino.

Continue your way up to the Church of San Vicente, which claims to be the oldest temple of San Sebastián. Not surprisingly because it was built in the sixteenth century. An interesting fact you should know is that those who are baptized in this parish are called "koxkeros" that refers to the "koxkas" the outgoing stones of this church.

Not far from this church you can find the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus, Baroque and eternal watcher of the main street of the Old Town in San Sebastian style. Erected in the mid-eighteenth century, the temple is dedicated mostly to the Virgen del Coro is, at St. Sebastian, the patron saint altar. You may like to know also that the front door is aligned with the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Give it a chance while you are there.

Another attraction of this area is the San Telmo Museum, a former Dominican convent dating back to the sixteenth century. Later it hosted military barracks and nowadays it is the Museum of the Basque Society and Citizenship. What can you see here? The museum first revolves around the evolution of man in society. You can also tour the Basque history from prehistoric times to the eighteenth century and enjoy paintings by Basque artists, among other collections.

And finally visit the area's most charming San Sebastián for the tourist; I propose a walk in the popular Alameda Boulevard, which separates the old part of the expansion. Especially in summer, this wide avenue is very lively because their terraces are a favorite of the locals when the weather is warmer. Alameda Boulevard of the Teatro Victoria Eugenia, by the bridge Zurriola (popularly known as Kursaal Bridge), and ends Bahía de la Concha, at the City Hall to specify. This is installed in a picturesque building in the old Casino, as mentioned earlier.

At this point, next to the Concha you can end your sightseeing trip around the Old Town. Hope you will enjoy!

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