New edition of the Week of Fantasy and Horror in Donosti.

14CineTerror1If you consider yourself as a horror and fantasy fan and you enjoy the capability of fear, then save yourself for an amazing event soon in Donosti. The Week of Fantasy and Horror Films celebrates a new edition in San Sebastian, namely XXVI and promises to delight their fans of these film genres. So if you’re going to stay in our hotel in San Sebastián and are looking for a different plan, you cannot miss this new edition of the event; one thing for sure, you will not be disappointed.

The film event will be held between October 31 and November 6. It is no coincidence for it to start precisely on the eve of the scariest night of the year.

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Recently it has released the poster of Week 2015, which, similarly to the previous years, attempts to represent the spirit of the film sample. For the XXVI edition, the actress and singer Vinila von Bismark stars in a post-apocalyptic image reflecting the Earth in the near future will be embattled in wars and epidemics. The poster also pays tribute to the heroines of fantasy and action movies.

It has not yet transcended the complete schedule of this year but they are letting us know the first titles to be displayed. So far, the first confirmed films are "Attack on Titan / Attack on Titan: The end of the world" (Japan), "German Angst" (Germany), "Ghost Theater / Gekijourei" (Japan), "Howl" (UK), "Martyrs" (United States), "Summer Camp" (Spain), "Tag" (Japan), "Turbo Kid" (Canada-New Zealand), and "We are still here" (United States) ". In this link you can read more about these films.


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In addition, the acclaimed “Film Week” includes other activities to make the experience more memorable for their attendees. These three points you can not miss:

1. Keep filming! Mockumentary, found footage and reality shows in the world of horror. In its cycle this year, the Festival is looking at one of the genders in vogue in the world of horror over the last few years, used by film-makers for horror movies in the recent years. These movies intended to seem realistic to a certain extent, shot with a hand-held camera, an aesthetic similar to TV street shows, giving a feeling of immediacy. The cycle thus exhibit some of the most important titles of the genre over the past few years, also giving flash of the past with movies such as the mythical Norwegian film “Witchcraft Through the Ages" in 1922.


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2. Iberia FX. Trades and tricks in Spanish cinema. The exhibition takes you the evolution of how special effects have changed over the history of Spanish cinema, paying homage to outstanding professionals who are the real stars of this exhibition. Among the pieces we found models for submarines and bizarre spaceships, prehistoric monsters, impossible mutant babies or mummified Templar knights all feature in this unique exhibition. All the tricks and techniques used and managed to shrink the viewers’ heart will also be revealed to the visitors


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3. Vinila von Bismark Concert. The protagonist poster Week 2015 will also be in charge of inaugurate with a concert. On 30th October, the day before the Festival begins, Vinila von Bismark will give a concert at 22:00 in the Intxaurrondo Cultural Centre.

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