What do you know about Monte Ulía in San Sebastian?

I'm sure that on more than one occasion you've heard about Monte Urgull and Monte Igeldo, strategically located on both sides of La Concha Bay. In fact, it is more than possible that you have visited them, as they act as an excellent viewpoint, as well as having other attractions. However, they are not the only mountains of San Sebastian, because there is also a third, perhaps less known, but it has a beauty without equal. We are referring to Mount Ulía, which starts in the neighbourhood of Gros and extends to Pasajes. This time we are going to tell you about this magnificent mountain that you cannot miss when you stay at our luxury hotel in Donostia!

We want to challenge you: what do you know about Mount Ulía? Have you ever heard of him? If the answer is negative, keep reading, because we guarantee that, as soon as you know a little more about this mountain, you will feel like going there tomorrow!

Monte Ulía has a height of 235 meters above sea level and has an area of more than 300,000 m2. It is a true green lung that already at the beginning of the 20th century pointed out ways and, in fact, was created with the aim of satisfying the entertainment needs of the aristocracy. At present, it can be said that it is the most important area for hiking in San Sebastian.

And this park has the perfect infrastructure for Sunday and, in general, for anyone who needs a break from the city. Thus, in Mount Ulía we can find a picnic area, a restaurant, a children's recreation area, viewpoints and an Interpretation Centre.

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Visit the Monte Ulía Interpretation Centre

The Monte Ulía Interpretation Centre was founded in 2012, so this 2018 celebrates its sixth anniversary. This space was created to make known the mountain, as well as the qualities of its physical environment and natural and historical riches.

The place offers a large program of activities for the whole family, not only to develop in the centre itself (such as didactic workshops, exhibitions or projections), but also outdoors, in the form of guided tours of Mount Ulía.

If you want to know more about the flora, fauna and biodiversity of this natural environment, the centre will provide you with all the answers to your questions.

Another fact of interest is that the Interpretation Centre houses a small ecological garden that allows interested parties to participate in workshops related to this field.

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Remember that admission is free, so you have no excuse to approach this little paradise located a step away from the centre of San Sebastian!

Are you going to stay at our hotel for family in San Sebastian soon? Then, we recommend adding this place to your itinerary. Will not disappoint you!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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Elena Estomba Garín, General Manager of Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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