Miramar Palace: discover a centennial gem during your trip to San Sebastian!

Miramar Palace in San SebastianThere are several attractions in San Sebastian. One of the most surprising and not as well known as it should be, is the Miramar Palace. Located in a privileged environment, right on the top of a promontory overlooking the Bay of La Concha, this palace of the late nineteenth century is presented as one of the most special places of Donostia. Discover it a short walk from our luxury hotel on Concha beach. You will love visiting it on your trip to San Sebastian!

A brief review of the history of Miramar Palace

To locate the origins of the Miramar Palace, we would have to go back until 1893. This is the year in which Queen Maria Cristina of Austria had her summer residence built in one of the best locations in San Sebastian. Although she previously considered establishing it in other spaces such as Mount Urgull, she finally opted for this location, exactly in the Pico del Loro, where the beaches of La Concha and Ondarreta are located.

Miramar Palace in San Sebastian

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The Miramar Palace was built in the English cottage style and designed by the English architect Selden Womun. In fact, it would seem to be, for a minute, in the middle of the English countryside. In total, this palace has three floors and a basement. The first two floors were for private use, while the third was reserved for service.

Since its construction, Queen Maria Cristina of Austria spent all her summers in the Miramar Palace until her death in 1929. From then on, it would be a summer resort for the Queen Regent and, later, for King Alfonso XIII. Since the 70s it has been owned by the San Sebastián City Council.

The best views of San Sebastian

This country house that belonged to royalty offers some of the best views of San Sebastian. The ochre and brown tones of the façade merge with the intense green of the gardens while, at the same time, strikingly contrasting with the blue of the Cantabrian Sea.

Miramar Palace in San Sebastian

Image courtesy of Ramón vía flickr.com

From the Miramar Palace one can appreciate the Bay of La Concha and its most representative elements, such as La Concha beach, the Igueldo and Urgull mountains or the Santa Clara island.

Contemplate the views, walk through its gardens and even run into hidden treasures, such as the sculpture 'El Abrazo' by Eduardo Chillida, are some of the must-see things to do in this place. You cannot miss it!

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