Mercado de la Brexta: a feast of aromas and flavors in the Old Town

Mercado de la Brexta in San SebastianFor many travelers, one of the best ways to immerse themselves in the customs and traditions of a place is to visit their markets. These spaces offer an interesting perspective of the day to day of its people, in a very authentic atmosphere. That is why, on this occasion, we want to encourage you to get to know the Bretxa Market. Did you hear about it? Located in the heart of the Old Town of San Sebastián, it is a short walk from our hotel by the Donostia Old City. We promise you will love it! 

The Mercado de la Bretxa is one of the most traditional corners of Donostia. In addition to housing more than 40 stalls of fruits, vegetables, butchers or delicatessens, there is a lot of history that encloses its walls. Not in vain, this place opened its doors in the year 1870. Originally, the market was designed in a U-shape, with a covered central patio.

The denomination of this market was no coincidence. Its name refers to the invasion that the city suffered, at the beginning of the XVIII century, when the French troops led by the Duke of Berwick caused different gaps in the walls. Hence, this market is called like that.

Mercado de la Brexta

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A hundred-year-old building

The imposing façade of the Bretxa Market is the first thing that welcomes you. Located a step away from emblematic spots such as the Victoria Eugenia Theater or the Plaza de la Constitución, you cannot miss it.

After carefully observing the building, the aromas of the so-called "homemade" stalls attract attention, where they sell rich cheeses, vegetables and flowers. Thus, the first stop is to wander through these street stalls located in San Juan Street. Here, there is no choice but to fall into temptation. A bouquet of colorful flowers or a good Idiazábal cheese are some of the items you can buy in these stalls.

But, this is only the start of the visit! On the ground floor of this market continues the feast for the senses. Do not be in a hurry to walk the corridors, where about fifty stalls await you where they sell all kinds of fresh foods. Again, the smells and colors will melt in a frenetic environment, of consumers coming and going and of shopkeepers exhibiting the best products of the earth.

Mercado de la Brexta

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If you've been wanting more, the top is a shopping center that welcomes several clothing stores, bars, etc. It is impossible to leave the Bretxa with empty hands!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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