From 10 to August 17 will be a Great Week

Everyone is already looking forward for hearing the cannon on the 10th August at 19 pm in the gardens of Alderdi Eder ... It will officially start the Semana Grande Donostiarra, taking place in San Sebastian from 10 to 17th of August ... We cannot wait to hear, once again, the "Artillero" (Gunner song) to start celebrating this wonderful festival of colors, fun for all ages, shows ... Do not miss the fireworks…From the windows of our hotel in San Sebastian can have a privileged perspective.


The list concerts taking place during the Semana Grande have already been announced. Here is the list:

  • August 10, Saturday: Auryn
  • August 11, Sunday: Julieta Venegas
  • August 12, Monday: Betagarri
  • August 13, Tuesday: Gatibu
  • August 14, Wednesday: Riot Propaganda (The Corn Chiko + Habeas Corpus)
  • August 15, Thursday: Obrint Pas + Lain (openers)
  • August 16, Friday: Fermin Muguruza Kontrakantxa

Another Classic of the Semana Grande Donostiarra is, for those who love sports, is the swimming race from Getaria to San Sebastian. There will also be space for other sports such as horse racing and beach volley tournaments. Traditional Basque sports also finds their space: kirolak herri demonstrations (Basque rural sports). Currently there are 18 officially recognized disciplines within the Basque Rural Sport. It goes from the more conventional gunny sack race (Zaku lasterketa) or pots (Ontzi eramatea) up to competitions borers (Harri zulatzaileak) consisting of drilling stone blocks with bumps and rotation with a metal bar

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However, the most practiced "sport" these days (very typical habit throughout the year in Donostia) is enjoying food and drink. From a wonderful Gilda with a glass of Txakoli up more elaborate Pintxo alangostado monkfish, plenty of the "pintxos races" among friends will take place.

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Among the many activities and events taking place during these days, 3 main events are a must go: the International Contest-Festival Artificial Fire, pirate boarding and large heads performances.

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The International Fireworks Competition in San Sebastian takes place during the nights of the Great Week in San Sebastian and is a must for all fireworks lovers. During the last day do not miss the fireworks.

The Pirate approach is another spectacular moment during the Semana Grande Donostiarra. As usual in the latest editions of the San Sebastián Semana Grande thousands of pirates and buccaneers shell beach reached from the port through all kinds of boats and oars used as hands, brooms and more ... anything goes .

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The Small Giants and Big Heads are a fun and unique show. They walk every day of the week Large donostiarra through the old part of the city for the sole purpose of encouraging the atmosphere, dancing and making people dance.

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I hope you have a great experience during your stay in Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra and enjoy your time in San Sebastian.

If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Best Regards,

Elena Estomba Garín

General Manager at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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