Fort San Marcos: all about this Gipuzkoan wonder

58 4Many are the wonders of the world, but one of the main ones in the province of Guipúzcoa is undoubtedly Fort San Marcos. It is one of the unmissable monuments for all visitors, although not all know its history and its secrets well. If you are thinking about coming to our city soon and staying at our hotel by the beach in San Sebastian, you will know that Donostia is a destination that offers hundreds of things to do. Of course, do not forget to note in your forecast the visit to Fort San Marcos. In this article we tell you everything about this monument, so you can enjoy it much more knowing it.

Fort San Marcos does not go unnoticed, especially because of its location since it is on top of a hill. Specifically, it is located 10 kilometres from San Sebastian, a step away from the town of Errenteria. Exactly, it is erected in the Lau Haizeta park, of a splendid green, for the enjoyment of both children and adults.

In addition to its history and its immensity, this place is striking for the views it offers. And the fact that it is located at 260 meters of altitude, makes many go to contemplate from the heights some of the most special corners of the area as the bay of La Concha or the coquettish town of Pasaia.

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A little history

Fort San Marcos, like other constructions of its kind, was built for defensive purposes. Raised in 1888, it quickly became a structure of great importance given its proximity to Errenteria and, therefore, strategically placed before a possible French invasion. This fort, along with that of Txoritokieta and Guadalupe, was part of the defensive complex called Campo Atrincherado de Oyarzun.

Until approximately the 70’s, it was dedicated to military matters. From then on, the fortress fell into disuse until, a few decades later, it was rehabilitated to integrate into the Natural Park of Lau Haizeta.

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The visit

The entrance to the fort is made through a tunnel. Afterwards, it will be necessary to access the interior by a bridge over the moat (in other times, drawbridge). The interior patio is the first thing that the visitor finds. It is worth mentioning that the Fort of San Marcos is composed of a Low Work and a High Work. In the first one, the military life has been recreated and, in fact, the route includes the display of various replicas of artillery soldiers, cannons, machine guns, etc.

One of the most interesting spaces is the terrace, located at the highest point of the fort. It is a place to admire the incredible views of the surroundings. Once you are here, do not hurry and dedicate yourself to contemplate the landscape.

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The entrance to this military fortress is free, so you have no excuse to plan a day trip to this place with family or friends. We assure you that it will be worth it!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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