Five Plans for a Magical Autumn in San Sebastian

Picture 1With great sorrow we say goodbye to summer. The good news is that we are heading to an autumn full of plans and activities in such a dynamic and interesting city like San Sebastian. If you are thinking of staying at our hotel in San Sebastian in the next few days or weeks, you will have the opportunity to experience the autumnal hues of Donostia.

If this is the first time visiting the city, here are five plans to make the most of your stay. Get out and enjoy one of the most magical seasons of San Sebastian!

1. Bicycling Along the Paseo de la Concha
The Paseo de la Concha is the most symbolic place of the city of San Sebastian, a spectacular beach that locals always like walking along. In autumn, you can rent a bike and follow it from the beginning to the end and stop at iconic Peine del Viento. At this point, you can rest, sit back and watch the waves crash against the rocks.

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2. Observing Autumn Colours in Urban Parks
In San Sebastian there are numerous parks that can be thoroughly enjoyed in the autumn with their bucolic landscapes. Orange and yellow tones are imprinted across the parks, something that is difficult to forget. One of the most special parks is the Cristina Enea Park, close to the Tabakalera building, it is a perfect place to stroll in. Meanwhile, the park Ametzagaina, not only does it have broad meadows, but also offers beautiful city views.

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3. Pintxos in the Old City
Donostia offers endless possibilities for all tastes and ages. You can get your mix of delicious food from going to a pintxos bar or restaurant. The pintxos restaurants are more than just gastronomy and leisure, it is a part of San Sebastian culture. Also a culture that loves to share its story with visitors through the innovation of food. Old Town in San Sebastian is the best place to enjoy a pintxox feast of wonderful flavors for the whole family.

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4. Get to Know the Aquarium
Going to the Aquarium is a perfect activity for the whole family, because it is a museum that will excite everyone, large or small. It opened to the public nearly a century ago, though, after several renovations, it has become one of the most complete oceanographic Europe. One of the most popular attractions is the Oceanarium, a huge 360-degree tunnel in which various marine species can be spotted passing by just a few centimeters from visitors. A unique experience and must see in San Sebastian!

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5. Enjoy Concerts Donostikluba
Donostikluba 2016 comes ounce again with one purpose: to promote independent music and tastes for live music. As of October, there will be a series of concerts in different halls and cultural centres across the city.

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I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.

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