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Feria de Santo Tomás: a day devoted to Basque delicacies

Fiesta de Santo Tomas en San SebastianTaste certainly plays a leading role at the Feria de Santo Tomás. We recommend arriving hungry, because there will be plenty to tempt you. As Christmas approaches, the Feria de Santo Tomás comes along to whet your appetite. Would you like to learn more about this festival, celebrated every December 21st in San Sebastián. When you stay at our central hotel in San Sebastián, you’ll be just a short walk away from the center of the action.

What does Día de Santo Tomás commemorate?

December 21st is a big day, not just in San Sebastián, but all over cities in the Basque country. The celebration dates back to the middle of the 19th Century. At that time, December 21st was the day when tenants paid their rent. Money in hand, tenants would make their way to the city to pay their rent, and would take advantage of the opportunity to buy presents to bring back home.

They would also buy provisions while in town, and sell the products of their farms. This eventually turned into the Feria de Santo Tomás, which centered around a huge farmer’s market, which continues to this day.

Fiesta de Santo Tomas en San Sebastian

How does San Sebastián celebrate?

On the Día de Santo Tomás, everyone knows where to go: La Plaza de la Constitución de San Sebastián. It becomes the meeting place for everyone, although the festive atmosphere extends to other parts of the city, such as the Plaza Gipuzkoa or the Boulevard. Dozens of food and craft stalls set up everywhere. Everything is delicious, but if there is a star of the day, it’s the txistorra sausage, although cider and other delicacies such as honey, cheese, and talo (a type of corn tortilla) are also candidates.

The best part of the day is that it feels like a journey back in time. The workers at the stalls dress in traditional clothing. Men where the iconic txapela and women wear traditional dresses. And no one is without the classic handkerchief with blue and white checks.

In addition to bites of txistorra, glasses of cider, and other Basque delicacies, there are performances, music, children’s workshops, and animal exhibitions and competitions. A great day to be in San Sebastián, don’t you think?

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