Events and Festivals in San Sebastián

5 free events that you can not miss in May and June in San Sebastián

Free event 1Little by little the good weather is creeping in our city and what you want is to go out to enjoy the hours of sunshine and mild temperatures. Enjoying San Sebastián with little money is possible, but also without spending a single cent. If you are planning to visit Donostia for the next few weeks, you now have the opportunity to add several free activities to your agenda. Keep reading because also in our hotel in San Sebastian we have prepared a surprise that you will like.


BiciBizi, the bicycle festival comes to Donostia with dozen activities for everyone

bike 5May is the month of spring, of the flowers… but in San Sebastian it is also the month of the bicycle!BiciBizi is coming to our city during the weekend of May 26 to 28, an interesting festival that features this way of transport that is increasingly present in our lives. If you’re planning to visit Donostia at that time and also enjoy cycling, you can not miss it! We propose an excellent plan: stay in our hotel in San Sebastian and participate to the various activities that BiciBizi has prepared for the whole family. 


The Book Day in San Sebastian: Everything you can do!

Book Day The next 23rd April marks the International Book Day, a key date marked in the calendars of more than a hundred countries around the world. It is a celebration made to encourage reading and, of course, in San Sebastian it will be experienced in a special way. If you are thinking of staying in our hotel in San Sebastian at that time, take note of everything that will be organized on this event.

The Book Day, in Donostia, is synonymous with literary gatherings in several languages, signature of copies, various shows and much more. This is what awaits you if you are in town on April 23rd.

5 proposals to discover the world without having to leave Donostia

Spring san sebastian 2San Sebastián is an open and cosmopolitan city. A walk through the city is enough to feel the authentic spirit of the Basque culture. It is found in its gastronomy, in its people and in their sights. But Donostia is more than that as it goes beyond and surprises us with proposals that open the mind and take us beyond our borders. If you are thinking of staying in our hotel in San Sebastian soon, you could not have chosen a better time. Spring has arrived, as well as many plans to get to know the world without having to leave the city. We have compiled 5 activities, that will take place very soon in San Sebastián, that will bring you to other scenarios. Do you want to know more about it? Read on!

San Sebastian Carnival arrives, do you know everything about this party?

carnaval san sebastian 1The countdown has already begun. There are few days left for our beautiful streets to flood again with color and joy. As you may have guessed, 2017 Carnival is almost here. This year will be held from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 February, a perfect excuse for you to visit San Sebastian. We encourage you to reserve your room in our hotel in San Sebastian and prepare your best disguise and smile to live these important holidays for the San Sebastian people.

5 ideas to enjoy the Tamborrada, the great day of San Sebastián

tamborrada 0With sadness we leave 2016, an important year for San Sebastián. During 12 months our nice city fought with pride the distinction from the European capital of culture, a period in which it has shined of its own light, and even more. We hope you had a chance to stay at our hotel in San Sebastian last year. We launch 2017 with lots of good hopes and willingness of keeping enjoying whatever Donostia will be offering us. Our great day is getting closer, so that if you are planning to come and visit us the next 20th of January, we give you some good ideas to get the best out of it.

Family Activities for this Christmas in San Sebastián

Go Shopping at the Christmas Markets San SebastianChristmas is here, you can smell it and feel it in the air! The most magical time of the year has arrived. It is one of the best times to know this city, all decked out for the occasion. The Christmas atmosphere of Donostia is unique, its illuminated streets, bars and restaurants, shops and activities for the whole family will fill you with joy! If you are going to stay at our hotel in San Sebastian at Christmas, you will surely love to know what to do in this wonderful city. San Sebastian is already ready to welcome Christmas. Why not enjoy the best family Christmas activities?

5 Events to Enjoy this Summer in Donostia

1 Promenade 1

July has arrived, which means that we still have a long summer ahead. San Sebastian one of the most perfect vacation destinations because of its wide range of entertainment, monuments, beaches and fine cuisine. If you have already booked your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian for the next few weeks, you're in luck because Donostia is more alive than ever!

Olatu Talka and Surfilm Festibal two ways of living San Sebastian

may 0It is missing little less than one month for the official beginning of summer. Now it is more dare to go out in the street and enjoy everything San Sebastian has to offer. In the coming weeks San Sebastian will host various events to make your stay much more interesting. If you are staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during these days, you might like to know everything that this lovely city has to offer… it is going to be a nonstop of interesting things to do.

4 plans to enjoy in the month of April in San Sebastian

april 1April is known for its abundant rain, but is also a month that is expected with great enthusiasm because spring is brand new and it is fancy to make plans. San Sebastian reborns at this time, it is when temperatures start to rise and it is very tempting to visit. If you are staying in our hotel in San Sebastian during this month, you might be interested to know the cultural agenda that Donostia offers.

What to do during Easter in San Sebastian?

semana santa 0Easter is just around the corner and, again, San Sebastian stands as a favorite destination to celebrate this festivity. If you're going to come to Donostia and you are staying at our hotel in San Sebastian, you can make your stay even more complete by taking note of some ideas. During this Easter 2016 in Donostia you can visit its most important monuments, enjoy traditional pintxos and even go to a charity music festival. All you have to be is well organized and get started with making your schedule from now to not miss anything!

San Sebastian European Culture Capital – 5 activities to enjoy during January

donotia 2016 1Visiting San Sebastian is always interesting, but in 2016 it will be even more because this year the city will be the European Capital of Culture 2016. If you are staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during the month of January you should know that soon will officially inaugurate the Capital with activities for all ages.

5 Activities to spend your Christmas in Donosti

One of the most anticipated dates for many people has finNavidad1ally come. It’s the arrival time for carols, nougats, lights, gifts and illusion. With Christmas just around the corner there are many visitors who want to experience different holiday spirit and visit other places to soak up the Christmas spirit of these places. If you are staying in our hotel in San Sebastian soon, you have to know that your choice could not be more successful because Christmas is one of those times of the year in which San Sebastián is more magic, more so than in other months. (Image courtesy of

The best plan in San Sebastián for the 'runners'

15Maraton1November is coming and it begins the countdown of the San Sebastian Marathon, an event, as explained by the organizers, perfect for exploring this beautiful Basque city at jogging pace. Specifically, the marathon will be held on Sunday November 29 . If you are a runner and you're staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during the weekend, do not forget to pack sneakers in your luggage to attend this massive race. (Image courtesy maratondonostia)

New edition of the Week of Fantasy and Horror in Donosti.

14CineTerror1If you consider yourself as a horror and fantasy fan and you enjoy the capability of fear, then save yourself for an amazing event soon in Donosti. The Week of Fantasy and Horror Films celebrates a new edition in San Sebastian, namely XXVI and promises to delight their fans of these film genres. So if you’re going to stay in our hotel in San Sebastián and are looking for a different plan, you cannot miss this new edition of the event; one thing for sure, you will not be disappointed.

Tabakalera kicks off September with a packed calendar of events

Tabakalera1Starting this September, San Sebastián will have another cultural space. After four years of reformation, Tabakalera opens its doors for the public again with an extensive program full of activities aiming for at all audiences. If you're staying at our hotel in San Sebastián, it would be interesting to look at the agenda for this former tobacco factory. Concerts, workshops, exhibitions and more are waiting to offer different means for your leisure.

Six reasons not to miss the Great Week of Donosti

SemanaGrandeFrontWith the newly released August, the locals have already gearing up to celebrate one of the most anticipated events of the year: “Semana Grande” or the Great Week. If you have been lucky enough to make your visit to San Sebastián and take place in the coming days, you cannot miss this important holiday while staying at our hotel in San Sebastián in San Sebastián. (Image courtesy

4 Music Festivals not to miss this Summer in Donostia

San Seb summer festsmallSummer is finally here, stronger and more determined than ever, to last as long as possible. If you are a fan of festivals and, in general, good music, in the upcoming months San Sebastian will be the best destination. While staying at our hotel in San Sebastian, you'll have at your disposal not only beaches with their cool seawater and unsurpassed cuisine but also various entertainments for a rhythmic summer.

5 districts to celebrate San Juan’s night in Donostia

art10 iconNext week, on June, 23rd, one of the most magic and popular night of the year will take place in San Sebastian. The tradition behind San Juan’s is celebrated around the globe and of course the city of San Sebastian takes this celebration very seriously. Planning a trip to our beautiful city ? Maybe your dates match with this event! You will find everything you need at our hotel in San Sebastian to get the best out of this experience!

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