Euskal Jaiak 2018: Know one of the most traditional festivities of Donostia!

The arrival of September does not necessarily mean a return to routine and the end of the holidays. The truth is that the summer season can still stretch a little more, especially thanks to the festivities that are celebrated in our beloved city. We are referring to events such as Euskal Jaiak or Basque Festivals, in which Basque culture and traditions are the protagonists par excellence. If you are planning to visit San Sebastian in the first days of September and stay at our hotel on the seafront in Donostia, this article interests you. If you attend Euskal Jaiak, we assure you that you will fall in love with the Basque culture even more!

Euskal Jaiak is a festival where sport, gastronomy and, ultimately, Basque traditions will be the centre of attention. In 2018 it will be held from August 31 to September 9, which means 10 days of activities that will help you to deepen the Basque culture and folklore. They are very authentic parties where you can soak up the true character of the people of San Sebastian and join their traditions.

In the sporting field, this edition will host the usual regattas of traineras, but it will not be the only thing because it will also take place the 3rd Crossing of the Comb of the Wind, the Swimming Crossing of La Concha Bay, the San Sebastian Ball by hand and a long etcetera.

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Gastronomy is, never better said, one of the main dishes of this event that has been held since 1896. Programming in this sense includes cider tastings (especially focused on Cider Day or Sagardo Eguna) or the interesting Organic farming market.

And all these activities will be seasoned with music, dances and a great atmosphere. In these days you will have the opportunity to attend shows of txistularis, dantzaris, trikitilaris and bertsolaris. Although all these names are a bit strange now, do not worry because when you are in Donostia you will soon become familiar with them!

The Basque Fiestas are for all audiences, hence the children also have their own space and have scheduled special activities for them. In addition, there will be talks, theatre, poetry and much more.

Origins of Euskal Jaiak

o know the origins of Euskal Jaiak it would be necessary to go back to the year 1896, as we indicated previously, date in which the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa created the denominated "Euskaras Parties". In the beginning, it was an event organized around contests of agricultural, literary, sports, native dances, etc.

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Later, in 1927 the first Basque Week of San Sebastian took place, until in the 1960s it regained its original name: Fiestas Euskaras or Euskal Jaiak.

Do you want to visit us on these dates? You will not regret!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at hotel in front of Bahía de la Concha!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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Elena Estomba Garín, General Manager of Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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