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El Cementario de los Ingleses: a Historic Corner not to be Missed on your Visit to Donostia

Cementario de los Ingleses in San SebastianMost views in San Sebastián have certain elements in common. One of these is the enormous Mount Urgull, which is visible from numerous places throughout the city. At its peak, you will find one of the tourist attractions par excellence of the Donostian capital: El Castillo de la Mola. However, that is not the only treasure the mountain plays host to. On one of its slopes you will find El Cementario de los Ingleses, or the English Cemetery. Are you interested in learning more? We invite you to come stay with us at our hotel by the Concha Bay and make the most of your time in the city.

El Cementario de los Ingleses is one of those magical corners sure to be noticed by anyone who comes across it. To get there, just take el Paseo Nuevo and you will find this legend-filled place along the way. Its name is no coincidence. People say this is the resting place of the English soldiers who fell in Guipuzcoa during the first Carlist war.

You will recall that this was the conflict (1833-1840) in which the Carlists, loyal to Carlos María Isidro de Borbón and supporters of an absolutist regime, faced off against the Isabelinos, connected to Isabel II and supporters of a more moderate regime.

El Cementerio de los Ingleses was built in memory of the soldiers from the British Legion who perished in a battle that was not their own.

Cementario de los Ingleses in San Sebastian

The path winds between visible headstones and explanatory plaques, in verdant, shadowy atmosphere. This makes the walk more mystical and makes a wonderful way to enjoy the calming effect of nature.

The cemetery was founded in 1924, which means it has been standing for almost a century. Moss has covered nearly the entire edifice, creating a most attractive effect. It is without a doubt a required stop if you are going anywhere near Mount Urgull.

One of the most popular locations in the cemetery is the lookout, which is the ideal finale for your visit. However, don’t forget that El Cemeterio de los Ingleses is just the beginning: this iconic mountain is full of surprises, from base to peak.

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