The final stretch begins for Christmas 2018 in San Sebastian

Zorionak eta urte Berri on, or as the citizens in the Basque Country say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Once again, the Christmas celebrations arrive in the coastal city of San Sebastian with different activities aimed at all audiences. From the culinary traditions such as the Fair of Santo Tomas through the mythological character Olentzero to the King’s Ride, we do a review of our traditions. Stay at our hotel in Donostia to enjoy our traditional festivities. 

The temperatures get lower and Christmas arrive one more year. As usual, San Sebastian offers a whole catalog of activities to carry out following the typical Christmas customs of the area.

To begin with, we have the Feria de Santo Tomas known for offering an assortment of dishes with the main ingredient La Txistorra, a sausage of Navarro origin made from fresh minced pork. The custom of the fair comes from the nineteenth century when tenants had to pay their taxes until the day of St. Thomas. In Donostia-San Sebastián, the posts will be placed in the Plaza de la Constitución, in Plaza Guipuzkoa and in other places in the old town, from December 21th to 22nd.

Following the culinary tradition, this Christmas you can find different restaurants that adapt their menus offering an assortment of typical dishes from San Sebastian, such as the restaurant La Brasserie Mari Galant that offers Christmas and New Year menus zoriontsu urte berria !

For young children we have our own Basque Santa Claus with his wife, Oletzero and Maria Domingui. Olentzero date before the arrival of Christianity and was the character that announced the winter solstice. One more year this character is preparing to bring gifts to children on December 24th as he has done in previous years.

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This year it was announced that the traditional Ferris wheel that usually settle in the Plaza de Cervantes will preside over the Paseo de Francia, it will be 50 meters high and will offer a new perspective on the bay, the Concha, the Town Hall and even the tower of El Buen Pastor.

Finally, one of the traditional activities that will also be offered for another year will be the parade of kings making a tour of the entire city. As it has been done in previous years, the floats will stop at designated points to collect the letters written by the children, inviting them to participate in this Spanish Christmas custom.

This year again, we invite you to visit our beautiful city so you can enjoy our traditions as well as the culinary culture of Donostia. Among these there are many other activities to perform, as we discussed in previous years.

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I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at our hotel on the Concha Bay!

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Elena Estomba Garín, General Manager of Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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