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Always wanted to know who is the brain behind the amazing food served in a restaurant? Come and take a look in the kitchen of La Brasserie Mari Galant, Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, specialized in seasonal vegetables, meats and grilled fish. In this interview you can read all about our Chef Ion Mikel Ibero, his favorite dishes, the style of the cuisine and restaurant. You’ll also find interesting tips on the best food places in San Sebastian. Have dinner in our restaurant during your weekend in San Sebastian.



Here the interview:

How did you become chef of the hotel? 

I started working as assistant cook 15 years ago and I grew of level until I was asked to be head chef of the “Hotel de Londres”. I did not hesitate one second to take the job: it’s a big honor, especially for person born in San Sebastian, to work for this hotel.

Who is your idol or inspiration? Do you have any influence by other chefs?

In this type of job you have influences from many chefs, you can learn something from everyone, can be a small detail but important. Including an assistant can teach you any details that can then be applied in the day to day work. This aspect is also what I like about working in a kitchen. It's amazing the amount of knowledge you gain every day you spend working in this environment.

 Can you describe the type of cuisine menu at La Brasserie Marie Galant?

We have a fundamental rule: always use fresh products if possible. This is the starting point for developing our kitchen that I would define seasonal with touches of other cuisines such as French and Mediterranean. We love to prepare vegetables for example. A good stew with seasonal vegetables is something that we serve a lot.

Which is the house specialty dish?

The stew with seasonal vegetables, I guess.

Which is your favorite restaurant or bar in San Sebastian that you would recommend to our customers?

Well there are many in San Sebastian, so this is a very difficult question. I can tell you: for traditional cuisine, I love the Aratz restaurant and for and haute cuisine Arzak. For what concerns bars is even more complicated, there is one at every corner and many of them are fantastic. If I have to choose I’d say the Rojo y Negro bar for special pintxos, and the Paco Bueno in the old town for the traditional ones. And of course the La Brasserie Mari Galant.

Well, the interview ends here, thank you very much for your time.

Thank you. And best regards to our customers.


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Elena Estomba Garín
Assistant General Manager at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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