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El Barrio de Gros in San Sebastián: 5 Reasons to Include it in your Visit

Barrio de gros en San SebastiánSan Sebastián’s attractions aren’t limited to the historic downtown and maritime walk. The neighborhoods of Donostia are also hiding many enchanting possibilities for entertainment and tourism. This is true for the Gros neighborhood, a popular way to access Zurriola beach. Located in San Sebastián’s eastern zone, Gros will steal your heart with its ambiance, architecture, pinxto bars, and of course its natural surroundings. Below we’ll suggest 5 reasons to include this fashionable neighborhood in your next visit to Donositia. Plus, if you stay at our luxury hotel in San Sebastián this lovely part of the city is just a few minutes’ walk away.

1. The surfer vibe

Zurriola beach is, without a doubt, the wildest of the three urban beaches in San Sebastián. Famous for its waves, it is a gathering place for surfing enthusiasts. Whether you’re a surfer or not, time will fly as you watch the surfers enjoying the waves.

Zurriola Beach in San Sebastián

2. The restaurants and pinxto bars

The pinxto bars in Gros are making a more than deserved mark on the gastronomic calendars of both locals and visitors. Walk through Usandizaga or Zabaleta street and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

3. The architecture

The Gros neighborhood is the location of a building that has majorly contributed to its development. We are referring to the iconic Kursaal Palace a building that, though impressive by day, is even more so at night with its majestic lighting. The Kursaal Bridge, with its beautiful lampposts, is another architectural sight to see in the neighborhood.

4. The natural surroundings

On the other side of Gros you’ll find Monte Ulia, slightly less well known than its brothers Urgull and Igeldo. However, it has little reason to be jealous of them. Wander its pathways without fear and contemplate the views from its slopes. It is without a doubt a haven of peace in the middle of the city.

Palomita de la Paz in San Sebastián

5. The picturesque places

Gros is also home to surprising corners such as the wall of Sagües, from which you can witness some of the most wonderful sunsets. You’ll also find the Paloma de Paz (Dove of Peace), a sculpture that is impressive not just for its height of more than 7 meters, but also for its symbolism.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at our 4 star hotel in San Sebastián!

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