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San Sebastian has a full range of options available for tourists who enjoy sports. . Among them we chose three activities with different gradient adventure: hiking, running and surfing. If you enjoy hiking, the route that brings to Orio from San Sebastian trough the mount Igeldo will guarantee you a wonderful day of sport. For running lovers our hotel in San Sebastian, located just in front of the Bay of La Concha, is the perfect starting point to enjoy this great outdoor sport. The year-round sea sports, especially surfing, are very popular. “Zurriola” is the best beach for surfing in San Sebastian. Read more in our article...


If you love sports and do not want to give up taking care of your body during vacations you’ll find interesting our mini guide about outdoor sport and tourism in San Sebastian. If you prefer indoor activities you can always take advantage of our Gym Vouchers.

Do you like landscapes and enjoy them with no rush? Hiking: The route from San Sebastian to Orio trough Igeldo

People who go in for active tourism will have on their doorstep the road from San Sebastian to Orio through Igeldo. This is an unbeatable opportunity to walk or mountain bike along a historic and very scenic route.

If you walk from our hotel to the “Peines del Viento”, following la Bahia de la Concha, you’ll reach the foot of Mount Igeldo. Once there you can reach the top of mountain through old funicular railway and from there you’ll have a great view of the entire city. This where the hiking trail really starts. After a leisurely stroll along the hillside for rural roads parallel to the coast, you will reach the first houses belonging to the municipality of Orio. During almost the road you’ll be immersed in a beautiful and quiet nature, enjoy great views of the sea and inland.

Do you want to go a little faster? Running in San Sebastian.

The running is one of the simplest and healthiest sports that can be practiced, and lately more and more people are practicing it. Although any moment of the day is good for sports, morning is the ideal time.

San Sebastian is the ideal location for lovers of outdoor running. A sustainable city where you can combine sport and exercise with the beauty of the landscapes. Which is the best route to take? San Sebastian has thousands of things to see and all are great but we love particularly the Bay of La Concha (Can you guess why?).

So we decided to create a special route for you ... You can start from our hotel and run the entire Concha Bay up to the “Peines de los Vientos”. From here you can climb up the Parkea Miramór then go down through the city follow the River Urumea and finally close the loop passing through the Old Port.

Another interesting option is a special running tour that you can buy for 12 €. A professional trainer will show you one of the world's most beautiful cities while you enjoy your favorite sport. Do not miss the meeting on 27 October. For more information you can access the website of San Sebastian tourism or inquire directly on facebook page. Fall is the perfect time for runners in San Sebastian. If you are a specialist of this sport, or simply a fond, you can compete in one of the many historical competitions. They all have a great tradition and participation in the city, and outstanding quality in the organization.

Do you like adventure and you don’t mind to get wet? Surf in Zurriola.

Surfing is one of the most popular activities in San Sebastian. Thanks to its location on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, San Sebastian has become a popular destination also for all surfers who want to enjoy the best waves without having to move away from a big city.

Miles de surfistas de todo el mundo se acercan a la playa donostiarra de Zurriola con el único pretexto de maniobrar sus olas. Por esta razón se celebran a lo largo de todo el año, sobre todo entre primavera y otoño, decenas de campeonatos de nivel local, nacional e internacional.

Thousands of surfers from all around the world come to the beach Zurriola in San Sebastian with the sole purpose to dominate its waves. For that very reason, San Sebastian hosts tens of local, national and international championships all year round, and especially from spring to autumn. . Zurriola hosts the most important surfing events and championships that take place in the region. San Sebastian has several surf and bodyboard schools that fit perfectly to the schedule, needs and pocket all visitors and offer comprehensive rental service surfboards. There is also a local club. The beach Zurriola is a very enjoyable place with a friendly atmosphere. You will enjoy some great moments of sport!

I hope you have a great experience during your stay in Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra and enjoy your time in San Sebastian.
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