5 flea markets in Donosti

mercadillos donosti smallSan Sebastian hosts a various range of markets that welcome tourists all year long with different kind of products. Those flea markets are particularly recommended to tourists that would like to discover Donosti off the beaten tracks and what is mentioned in tourist guides or for those who prefer charming street markets than going to the mall. If you enjoy open spaces and want to experience the Donostian essence, while staying at our hotel in San Sebastian, you will have the opportunity to get closer to these lovely local markets (image courtesy of enterat.com).

These are the five must to visit flea markets in Donosti, in which it might get hard for you to resist temptation.

Staaf Food, Drink & Music. This recently opened Donostian bar, decided to set aside some time to focus on the hospitality industry thanks to its cultural and gastronomic offers as well as concerts, and hosts a flea market the first sunday of the month. All day long, visitors will find original items according to the theme of the market, from handmade clothes and decorations to lovely organic products. Where is it ? Calle María Dolores Aguirre nº12.

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Image courtesy of Staaf Food, Drink & Music

Monthly “Feria de Flores y Plantas”. If you consider yourself as a nature-lover, you can not miss this fair held every second saturday of each month, in the morning, in barrio de Gros. The event gathers about ten local producers in a relaxed environment, with workshops, a playground for your children, and a booth to answer visitors’ enquiries to satisfy their curiosity. Where? Plaza de Cataluña.

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Image courtesy of www.donostia.org 

Bretxa’s market of handicrafts. From the beginning of April to the end of November, the association called Gabiltza displays a various range of handicrafts exhibited to the visitors. Jewelry, costume manufacturers and an endless choice of handmade articles are a real delight for everyone. Where? In front of Plaza Sarriegi.

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Donostitruck. Donostitruck, is a flea market of second hand items, held the second saturday of each month. The objective of this interesting activity is to promote the reutilization of already used objects and make them available to the public. In this market, only open in the morning, from 10:00 to 14:00, you will lose all notion of time. Where ? Calle Easo nº43, in the former headquarters of the Fire brigade Department.

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Image courtesy of www.donostia.org 

Itinerant market of products. This flea market takes place every Saturday on a different square in San Sebastian and is specialized in groceries: vegetables, fruits, bread, cheeses and other lactose products, honey, etc. It is the meeting point of local donostian producers with everyone that wants to buy fresh locally grown products. Where ? The first saturday of the month, Plaza Easo; the second one, Plaza Berri; on the third saturday, they will be waiting for you Calle San Francisco in the Barrio de Gros; and finally Plaza Gaskuña for the last saturday of the month.

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Image courtesy of www.mercadoitinerante.blogspot.com 


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