3 gastronomic plans in Donostia for the month, worth licking your fingers!

3 Gastronomic plans Donostia

The temperature drop is a fact, winter is coming. To better withstand the cold, we have two options: turn on the heating up or make sure that our stomach is always well served. For this month of November we want to propose some gastronomic plans that you will love. Autumn is a season that favors San Sebastián a lot. Therefore, if you have chosen this time to visit the city and you are staying at our hotel, it is time to satisfy all your senses! And of course, the palate could not be left behind. Take advantage when you are staying at our hotel in front of Bahía de la Concha in San Sebastian of these events that you cannot miss.

  1. Gastropote

Every Thursday you have an appointment at the Mercado de San Martín with the most delicious cuisine. We are talking about Gastropote, an event that brings together live music, pots, pintxos and, above all, an unbelievable atmosphere. No need to wait for the weekend to enjoy quality time with friends or your loved one while you taste tasty fusion dishes. As soon as the sun goes down, around 7:00 p.m. each Thursday, make sure to come to the Mercado de San Martín. It is the best place to end the day.

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  1. Pintxo-pot

The fashion of the pintxo-pot, of course, was born in the Basque Country, but has already been acquired by many other cities in Spain. However, there is no better place to join this tradition than in San Sebastian. The culture of the pintxos offers the opportunity to discover a myriad of morsels of the most variations possible. The explosion of colors and textures will make the choice difficult, without a doubt. This event transforms all the essentials of the capital of Gipuzko and is not limited to the neighborhood of Gros. Not around this area? Don’t be sad, in San Sebastian there are more than 200 bars that have joined this initiative.

In general, this tradition starts every day from 7:00 p.m. and extends until 10:00 p.m. Do not forget to accompany your pintxos with a txakoli!

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  1. Travel market of products

Apart from the above mentioned suggestions that will keep you entertained in the afternoon, it is also important to take advantage of the mornings, especially on Saturdays. The weekend market becomes the meeting point between the producers of the area Donostiaidea and surrounding neighborhoods. A perfect place for those who want to buy fresh products of the highest quality and experience the local culture. In this market you will find everything from vegetables and fruits to cheeses, bread, sweets, honey and more. Wait until you try them!

The first Saturday market of the month takes place in the Easo square of the Amara neighborhood; the second in the Plaza Berri in Hernani; the third, on San Francisco street in the neighborhood of Gros; and the last, in the Plaza Gaskuña, in the Antiguo neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay in our Hotel by the beach in San Sebastian!

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