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What to see in Gipuzkoa? (I): 3 plans on the seaside

Hondarribia in Gipuzkoa - Hotel de LondresAre you thinking of planning a trip around Gipuzkoa during your holidays in San Sebastian? It is a good idea, because, beyond our beloved Donostia, Gipuzkoa has a lot to offer. Nature, museums, gastronomy... So much so that it is worth to get to know the province from the coast to the inland, from the sea to our mountains.

Although it is difficult to cover the most important points of interest in Gipuzkoa, at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, we have made a selection of plans and activities. Let’s start with three proposals for the seaside area.

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5 Facts about the Basílica de Santa María del Coro in San Sebastián

Basílica de Santa María del Coro in San SebastiánOne of the iconic monuments in San Sebastián is undoubtedly the Basilica de Santa Maria del Coro. Located in the Parte Vieja area of the city, it is unthinkable to miss seeing this impressive cathedral, which dates back to the 18th century. Don’t miss this iconic church on your trip through Donostia! It is only a 10-minute walk from our hotel close to the Old Town, so you couldn’t have picked a better place to stay! The Basílica de Santa María del Coro is the symbol of San Sebastián. Here are 5 facts worth knowing about it.

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Museo San Telmo in San Sebastián: why you should visit in 2020

Museo San Telmo - San Sebastián The Museo San Telmo is one of the most famous museums in San Sebastián, but it’s also the oldest one in the Basque county. Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, its more than 100 years of history come together to offer visitors a panoramic view of the culture and traditions of the region. All this make it a visit not to be missed if you’re travelling to San Sebastián. It’s excellent location just a 15-minute walk away from our hotel near Donostia Old Town means you have no excuse not to add it to your plans for San Sebastián in 2020.

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Tamborrada de San Sebastián: what is it and how is it celebrated?

Tamborrada 2020 en San SebastiánThere’s a special day written in fire on every calendar in San Sebastián. January 20th is a date that needs no further explanation: it’s the date of the Tamborrada de San Sebastián, and the festive spirit is everywhere. Are you planning a trip to Donostia around that date? If your answer is yes, we encourage you to stay at our hotel in San Sebastián centre while you enjoy one of the most traditional festivals of the region.

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