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Eating Out

3 gastronomic plans in Donostia for the month, worth licking your fingers!

3 Gastronomic plans Donostia

The temperature drop is a fact, winter is coming. To better withstand the cold, we have two options: turn on the heating up or make sure that our stomach is always well served. For this month of November we want to propose some gastronomic plans that you will love. Autumn is a season that favors San Sebastián a lot. Therefore, if you have chosen this time to visit the city and you are staying at our hotel, it is time to satisfy all your senses! And of course, the palate could not be left behind. Take advantage when you are staying at our hotel in front of Bahía de la Concha in San Sebastian of these events that you cannot miss.

5 ideas to spend the night in Donosti

San Sebastian is a city to be visited during the day, to be amazed of when the sun goes down and to be experienced at night. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian, you will get the chance to enjoy the last hours of the day, the Donostian way. Nightclubs, bars or casinos are part of the wide range of leisure you can experience at night in Donosti.


A "friendly" glass of wine? Wineries of San Sebastián

From the centennial to the modern ones, the wineries of San Sebastian are the perfect place to meet up with friends between bottles and barrels. In the article you’ll find our top wineries in San Sebastian, with friendly ambience and delicious wines and plenty of stories and anecdotes. Many of them are close to our hotel in San Sebastian. For the real wine lovers we have listed some of the best wineries in Donostia.

Behind the scenes in the kitchen of our brasserie

Always wanted to know who is the brain behind the amazing food served in a restaurant? Come and take a look in the kitchen of La Brasserie Mari Galant, Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, specialized in seasonal vegetables, meats and grilled fish. In this interview you can read all about our Chef Ion Mikel Ibero, his favorite dishes, the style of the cuisine and restaurant. You’ll also find interesting tips on the best food places in San Sebastian. Have dinner in our restaurant during your weekend in San Sebastian.

Best Pintxos bars - Old town San Sebastián

Want to go for tapas or pintxos in San Sebastian? Throughout the entire Old Quarter (Lo Viejo, Parte Vieja) of San Sebastian locals spread offering a wide variety of pintxos, on every corner and street of Old Part of Donostia can try a wonderful culinary masterpiece in miniature, getting it through a wooden stick. Mandatory, you cannot throw the stick, these will be counted for defining you bill. Beside this, we want to clarify one thing: the pintxos are a symbol of Donostia and you can find excellent pintxos throughout the entire city. We've talked about the best pintxos in San Sebastian in our previous blog. Many of them are located in the old part and like so many exquisite and we decided to exclude them from this list. Enjoy a walk through the old part of San Sebastian during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián and let a pintxito delight and a glass of wine.

Best restaurants in the Basque Country

The current cutting edge of gastronomy in the Basque Country is made up of leading chefs who have created the new Basque cuisine...Which is the secret of the Basque cuisine? The answer we mostly like lies in some words that Juan Mari Arzak pronounced two years ago during an event in San Sebastian: "In cuisine, as in life, you move with your eyes open and as curious as a child, always willing to learn. The day that you lose this attitude you should retire from cuisine and maybe even from life. “Are you curious about the topic? Read our article on all the details about the best Basque restaurants and their chefs...You’ll not be able to resist to try one of their amazing dishes during your stay at our hotel en San Sebastián.

Do you like mushrooms? Come and enjoy the Perretxiko Eguna in Donostia

setas 0After saying farewell to September, the month of transition that some worship and other detest, it is time for the autumn again. Even though it seems that summer is far behind, there is no reason to be sad. Autumn is bringing a season full of activities for all tastes and ages in our beloved San Sebastian that are worth looking forward to. For us these days, where the leafs start to fall from the trees, are synonymous with mycological and Gastronomic days. For the 19th consecutive year these days are organized in San Sebastian. If you are planning to stay in our hotel in Donostia and your mouth starts watering when thinking about mushrooms, this is the event you cannot miss!

Hungry in the morning?

Waking up in Donostia is already wonderful. Your day can continue even better if you full your stomach with an exquisite breakfast in a charming bar… Here our small selection of Bars for a breakfast or mid-morning snack. Enjoying some fantastic gastronomic experience during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian.

Metropolitan Kitchen: San Sebastian Gastronomika

In this fifteenth edition of San Sebastian Gastronomika, London and its guest chefs will show to public their cosmopolitan cuisine. Title? London metropolitan cuisine. The best restaurants of the “City” will jump on the stage of Kursaal auditorium to delight the audience with their culinary creations. As every year a unique event, definitely a must go. Enjoy the finest cuisine during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian.

Pintxo-pote: Join Sebastián’s Newest Gastronomic Trend!

Pintxo-pote in San SebastianThe food scene is one of San Sebastián’s many attractions. In fact, it is the major draw for many visitors. This time we’d like to tell you about one of the new customs connected to eating and drinking will that is really catching fire. Yes, you heard right! A new tradition has recently arrived in Donostia that you will love. It is called pintxo-pote. Keep Reading and we’ll tell you all about it! Here at our central boutique hotel in Donostia we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. Come stay with us!

Pintxos Donostia Gros district

Today we want to offer you another mini guide to some of the best bars in San Sebastian. Are you staying at our hotel in San Sebastian during this Christmas holydays? Well, then you are probably are already having huge lunches and dinners. Although you don’t want to deprived yourself of some of the gorgeous pintxos that you can find in San Sebastian’s bars... After our guide to the top 10 Pintxos Bars in San Sebastian and our advices about the advices the most delicious pintxitos of old town, today we want to guide you the top bar in Gros neighborhood.

San Sebastian Gastronomika 2012

From 7 to 10 of October San Sebastian will become, once more, the world capital of the cuisine, San Sebastian Gastronomika Saboralea is starting. France and its "Grande Cuisine" will be the guest on this edition 2012. Do not miss the products, wines, aromas of "La Grande France", in between of lecture or a competition of their legendary chefs, most creative head cooks, legends and youth. Obviously not only the "gaulois " will be here but also the best chefs of Spain, Europe and the world. Our hotel in San Sebastian is your perfect accommodation in order to greatly enjoy the event. Read in our article the program of the event...

San Sebastián, a city blessed by the stars

In San Sebastián you can eat very well everywhere, in other words: from restaurant with several Michelin stars to the famous Basque pintxos bars, you can find a piece of culinary art in every restaurant or bar of the city. Many of them are close to our hotel in San Sebastián.

Top 10 Pintxos Places in San Sebastián

San Sebastián, The Pintxo Capital of the Basque Country. You might know them, those culinary treasures on a stick. But where do you find the best in our town? Here our personal top 10 Pintxos places to enjoy during your holiday in San Sebastián.

Top restaurants for Christmas in Donostia

With Christmas just around the corner, we offer you some of the best restaurants to spend the cherished holidays during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian. You will have the opportunity to taste the best dishes of the Basque and Guipúzcoa cuisine while enjoying the city with family or friends.

Traditional cuisine in San Sebastian (Part 1)

Today’s chapter is dedicated to San Sebastian’s cuisine. Which are the typical Basque dishes? What do we need these preparations? In which restaurants will you find these traditional dishes? How much will they cost you? In our article you’ll find an answer to all these questions and lot more... Are you a foodie traveller? Check out our gastronomic getaway. Let's start!

Traditional Recipes San Sebastain (Part 2)

Back to the kitchen with our blog. Today we complete a chapter about traditional Basque Recipes (if possible to do this in the case of Donostia) that we opened 2 months ago. In our article you’ll find more recipes and restaurants to enjoy during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian.

Txakoli, the young Basque wine

During your stay in San Sebastian you will notice it is the gastronomic city of Europe. When enjoying your delicious lunch or dinner you will have the choice between many different wines. One of the most beloved wines by the Basque people is Txakoli, a young white wine that combines great with all the Basque food.

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